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Modernizing application development and delivery

It is time to rethink how you deliver applications. Building powerful and versatile applications is easier than ever thanks to powerful tools that directly tap into the cloud. Cloud technologies offer the ability to transform traditional test environments while paving the way for more modern development methodologies. The cloud brings new capabilities, more favorable cost structures and a more responsive platform to your application environment.

Introducing OneShare for your application environment

Sogeti’s OneShare helps simplify your application delivery by providing a rich cloud platform and toolset that will help you manage existing resources in a systematic way. It delivers a fast, flexible and continuous application environment on top of Microsoft Azure. Customers can load, test and manage their environments. Users can copy and deploy test infrastructures or move applications into production in one click of a button.

Whether you are focused on a traditional test environment, moving to an application lifecycle management approach, or implementing a modern DevOps approach, Sogeti can help. By moving your development and operations to the cloud you will be prepared to embrace new tools, practices and processes.

 Microsoft OneShare

Sogeti is a trusted partner who takes a holistic approach to your application portfolio. From the selection of
applications, to their modernization and management, Sogeti can help run all or part of your IT department in the Cloud.


OneShare Core Capabilities

For test

  • Enable self-service environment for testers
  • Leverage best class testing methodology and toolsets
  • Lower testing costs and move to a Pay-Per-Use model


  • Fully functional Microsoft Azure public cloud combined with team integration, activities and management
  • Software deployment in Cloud environment with desired state configuration capabilities

For DevOps

  • Continuous integration
  • Versioning
  • Software deployment in Cloud environment with desired state configuration
  • Remote Infrastructure Management

For Full Cloud

  • Application Portfolio Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Migration prioritization and deployment service
  • Application and Infrastructure Management


Today’s Market

Businesses need to transform application development and delivery methodology due to changing market needs

  • Inefficient testing procedures
  • Increased dev and test costs
  • Get to market faster
  • Need to support multiple platforms
  • Shortened product life cycles


PostNL: One of the largest companies at the forefront of full cloud transformation


  • PostNL is largely operating in a shrinking market
  • Letter and mail item volumes diminished by 11 percent, conversely huge increase in online shopping
  • Needed to transform their business to remain competitive, the cloud provided the answer


  • PostNL took the plunge in mid-2013. It started transferring to the cloud all the IT systems that could legally be transferred.
  • With this decision the mail and package transporter is adopting a cloud based strategy that utilizes Azure as a baseline, and taking it further than any other Dutch company of its size.
  • PostNL chose trusted partner Sogeti, with the initial task to switch 75 applications to a ‘public cloud’.
  • Sogeti delivered and now manages that Azure based cloud exclusively for PostNL.



"We’ve been outsourcing the development and maintenance of applications to Sogeti for years, and we’re now asking them to take on the new role of cloud platform manager. Because there are still no terms of reference for cases of this magnitude, you can only have a cooperative model like ours with a party that you trust and with which you have a good cultural fit."

Gerrie de Jonge, Programme Manager, PostNL

"We have been working closely with Sogeti to build custom services and solutions that allow customers to take full advantage of the value the cloud has to bring by extending the Azure platform. With rich capabilities in place, Sogeti is well positioned to support customers in all phases of their application development, whether during the testing phase or through a broader cloud transformation."

Larry Orecklin, VP WW Specialist Sales, Microsoft

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