Alliances & Partners

We settled global strategic alliances and partnerships with major vendors on the market, Enabling us to promote and deliver the best technological solutions of the IT and high tech industry.

Alliances & partnerships that creates value for our clients

These alliances and partnerships, organized around the leading solutions of our partners, integrate reciprocal commitments in terms of resources, support and organization structures. From our partners’ side, this encompasses:

  • support from a leading group in the diffusion and operation of their major technologies
  • insurance in the quality of the prescribed solutions
  • valuable authorized feedback from real-life projects                                   

Through our two strategic alliances, we provide our clients across the world with cutting-edge expertise:


Award-winning expertise

We walk the talk. Being constantly in the forefront on innovative new technology is of the utmost importance for us, creating massive benefits for our clients. We are proud to have received a large number of global and local awards displaying our expertise. 

Our most valued partnerships
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  • Cédric Derom
    Cédric Derom
    IBM Alliance Manager
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  • Kamel Abid
    Kamel Abid
    Business Development Manager & Microsoft Alliance Manager
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