Claim/complaint Policy


In the context of its commercial relations and in order to reach the satisfaction of its customers and maintain the quality of its services, Sogeti Luxembourg has set up a claim and complaints management process.

This process is designed to effectively and transparently process claim/complaint from customers in accordance with applicable regulations.

The scheme applies to all Sogeti Luxembourg customers.

Definition of a claim

A claim or a complaint is defined as a written expression or officially received by any traceable means, expressing either dissatisfaction with Sogeti’s general level of service and/or a recurring issue related to the provision of an IT service or a provision of IT consultancy.

A request for information or explanations cannot be considered as a claim.

Claims Processing

Sogeti Luxembourg undertakes to treat any complaint from a client according to the following principles:

  • Transparency towards the customer
  • Objectivity
  • Time to process the appropriate response given the complexity of the claim. In the event of a complex resolution causing a significant delay, the customer will be notified

The communication sent by the client must clearly indicate the purpose and reasons for his complaint or claim, name, address, phone number and mail address.

It must be officially communicated to the usual contact of the customer or to the management of Sogeti Luxembourg at the following address:

Sogeti Luxembourg SA
To the attention of the customer claim/complaint handling manager
36, route de Longwy
L-8080 Bertrange

Each claim is recorded as well as the treatments and actions associated with its resolution.


Out-of-court resolution procedure from the CSSF

If within 10 business days after the receipt of the claim, the customer do not have had received at least an acknowledgment of receipt or, where the processing of the complaint has not been successful within one month after having sent the claim/complaint, Sogeti Luxembourg will provide a full explanation of its position and inform the client of the existence of an out-of-court resolution procedure with the CSSF.

This procedure facilitates the resolution of claims against professionals without going through court proceedings; it does not, however, consist of a mediation procedure.