service virtualization

It’s no secret that in today’s world, everything is connected. Most of the time, this connectivity is viewed as a benefit; however, in the testing space, connectivity can lead to inefficiency. When modern day application landscapes are complex with a high level of integration, testing in these landscapes can be expensive, time consuming and hard to control. Defects in one application can delay the testing of all connected applications. This translates to time and money wasted, not to mention quality of testing may be at stake!

If this scenario sounds familiar, Sogeti’s testing experts can help! Sogeti’s most innovative testing solution, Service Virtualization, allows testers to be less dependent on test infrastructures, avoiding the problems of interconnectivity. With Sogeti’s help, Service Virtualization can help you and your team realize:

  • Shortened integration testing—by up to 50%
  • Improved completeness of testing – by increasing test coverage with up to 40%
  • Less production defects – up to 20%


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Getting Started

Do you want to put Service Virtualization to work for your organization? Sogeti can help! We have services in place to help you get the most out of this exciting solution:

Service Virtualization Consultancy
Implementation and advice regarding the use of Service Virtualization in projects, organizations and/or departments. Sogeti uses a special implementation model that allows you to start small, define realistic goals and work towards those goals in a structured way, keeping focus on all aspects of the implementation.

Service Virtualization Engineering
Design, development and maintenance on virtual services by trained professionals.

The final key to success

The key to any success is a great team - and for Service Virtualization, Sogeti brings you the best! Our solutions are built around the latest IBM Rational Suite - including Rational Integration Tester and Rational Test Virtualization Server - so you’re aligned with the best technologies. As an IBM Premiere Business Partner, Sogeti has access to the latest innovations on all of these products as well as training, support and infrastructure to demonstrate the added value of Service Virtualization in your specific situation. We pass down our benefits to you in order to make sure you have the best solution possible.

Why Sogeti?

As one of the largest testing service providers in Europe and USA, operating from 15 countries worldwide, we help organizations achieve their testing and Quality Assurance (QA) project and program goals. We reduce the risk of IT failures, cut development and maintenance costs, as well as time to market, improve the quality of deliverables and ongoing Quality Assurance performance, and most importantly we meet the requirements of the business.

Sogeti is an acknowledged thought leader in the field of testing and Quality Management, most clearly demonstrated by the large number of specialist publications we have written on testing and QA for the practitioner and theoretician alike. We also actively participate in the wider testing world and beyond, contributing to industry debates on the benefits of an integrated QA and test strategy, through client events, industry conferences and selected sponsorship

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