Flexible Workplace

Sogeti transforms Workplace Environments into High-Performance Platforms.

Companies want a standardized, tightly controlled workplace, standardized and easy to manage. End users want to use their latest devices and have at least as good an experience as what they can get privately.

Our innovative, end-to-end approach to workplace application and platform services built around tailored user-profiles bridges the gap between these disparate needs. We help you improve end-user productivity, boost business agility and address environmental objectives, all while reducing IT costs. Based on your connected workforce strategy Sogeti offers workplace modernization services and enterprise communication services.


Based on technology and process expertise, our focus is always business outcomes. We ensure that our outsourcing solutions are designed implemented and managed to maximize quality and reduce your TCO. We take a multi-faceted approach to delivering workplace services, drawing on:

  • Our Rightshore® delivery model: providing services from a center that optimizes quality and performance, and conforms to recognized industry standards such as ITIL
  • End-user assessment capability: enabling the provision of the right platform, application profile and service level for each type of role within the business
  • Sogeti packaging factory: industrialized Centre of Excellence. It adopts highly repeatable, reproducible and automated processes to test, remediate and package or sequence applications using industry standard tools and processes. Sogeti Factory service offerings include Application Compatibility Testing, Application Remediation, Application Packaging, Application Virtualization
  • Mass deployment capabilities: enabling deployment to take place quickly, with low risk and minimal disruption
  • A Shift-Left strategy: leveraging our people, processes, knowledge base, remote toolkit and automation technologies to prevent issues from occurring and resolve them quickly if they do
  • Service management integration: facilitating consistent and measurable service quality, aligned with your business objectives

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  • Kamel Abid
    Kamel Abid
    Solution Sales Specialist - Business Development Manager
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