Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

A solid customer journey and a 360 degree view is vital. We manage all your digital touchpoints to give you that sound basis for content, social and mobile.

Automation & CRM

Marketing automation drives significant increases in your sales productivity. Also, it lowers your cost to serve. Sogeti provides marketing technology that effectively targets customers with automated marketing messages across multiple channels. Those include email, websites, social media and text messages to generate more informed sales leads.

From dreaming to doing...

We offer both implementation and campaign services. From an implementation perspective we can manage your customer databases, and ensure full platform integration and configuration. For campaigns we design and launch targeted campaigns and provide the insights you need to continuously improve.


Spanish multimedia communications group


Client challenge

The client needed to improve the management of its B2C system related to the contracting of audiovisual services of the Spanish football league – this system was not functioning well as the invoice processing volume was too high for CRM. They also needed to respond to their internal customers basis the demand of different B2B system.


How we made value

Sogeti implemented an MS Dynamics 365 based service to improve both the resolution of incidents and the development of the current system. The newly implemented solution lightened the system volume allowing monthly invoicing to proceed smoothly and the Sogeti team was integrated into the client's offices, providing greater commitment and closeness.


Sogeti impact

The number of open incidents in the different systems was reduced (from 150 to 0), being resolved the same day they were received. 5 new CRM systems were created for internal clients of Mediapro increasing the CRMs offered by 75%.



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Although the Digital marketing space is fast-moving, we are recognised as being at the forefront...


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Frédéric Robin
Frédéric Robin
Vice President Capgemini, Country Leader Sogeti Luxembourg

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