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Secure Identity & Access Management

Adopting Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things (SMACT) technologies as part of your digital transformation introduces new risks to sensitive data and other assets. Manage cybersecurity risks and gain control of new ways of working with our Identity and Access Management (IAM) services.

Stay protected with IAM as your first line of cyber defense

As you connect with more and more customers, business partners and third-parties, the identity scope of your business will expand in parallel. Your IAM infrastructure will become the new front door through which they gain access to your corporate resources. Its efficiency and effectiveness will be critical to business operations and a cornerstone of your cybersecurity. It must protect your assets as employees using multiple devices from any location seek access to work-related applications.

Right people, right resources, right time

IAM is a crucial business enabler. It secures the sharing of identity information between new consumer-facing applications. It controls internal risks and protects you against cyber attacks.

Our transformative approach works with the right people in your business to ensure a successful IAM implementation. As well as helping you define your IAM strategy, our services include user registration and authentication, managing user rights, controlling access to resources, and auditing user activities. We help ensure that the right people get access to the right resources at the right time.

Global IAM expertise making digital transformation happen

More than 40 major IAM assignments globally in the past five years have given us unique insight into the IAM landscape. We help organizations understand their IAM challenges and develop their vision, strategy, business alignment and business case. We partner with all major IAM vendors and undertake the business change, technical implementation and integration of the best IAM solution for the individual needs of each client. We make IAM happen as part of a balanced, pragmatic approach to protecting digital assets.

  • Olivier Poirier
    Olivier Poirier
    Service Delivery Manager Cybersecurity
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