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The world is changing

The world of IT is going through an unprecedented transformation. To remain relevant to our clients in the world of tomorrow, Sogeti needs to change and adapt.

We believe that our people are both the fuel and the power to this transformation. Sogeti is then investing in shaping the leaders of tomorrow to shape the future of the company.

A new generation of leaders, collective leaders, able to inspire our people, adapt to a fast-changing world and create synergies in a cross-cultural setting.

We invest in our people – Change powered by people

To support the emergence of those new leaders, Sogeti has taken an innovative approach to personal development : the Sogeti Leadership Academy or SOLEAD.

Twice a year, 50 leaders, across all geographies and ranks, representing the diversity of our company, are gathered in a high-end location from Mumbai to Barcelona for 3 intensive days.

The SOLEAD distinguishes itself from other traditional leadership development programs by both its innovative approach and goals.

Under the tagline ‘The Power of the Tribe’, the SOLEAD focuses on developing collective intelligence skills in a tribal context through an intensive experiential journey.

Its goal is to empower a global network of collective leaders to support the ongoing transformation of our company. We believe in the power of our people to take us where we should be. We also believe revolution starts somewhere with one person being the change they wish to see.

What our people say about SOLEAD :

  • “What started with a several individuals who barely knew each other’s’ names, became a team were none of the members could’ve been missed”
  • “It gave me the unique chance to not only meet people within my countries Sogeti branch, but realize that we are part of a big, exciting global company. ”
  • “Knowing that Sogeti is working on its future and investing in it, stimulates me to grow and contribute in a better way”
  • “I’m very proud of being a member of the Sogeti tribe”

Join us
We are constantly looking for talent to join us. Check the Join US section and join the tribe !

  • Deepa Bhulescarr
    Deepa Bhulescarr
    Head of Talent Management
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