education and lifelong learning

Working for the society

Whether you are a youngster or an adult, the knowledge economy brings education and lifelong learning at the heart of your life. Education and lifelong learning are key issues to improve the well-being of modern societies as well as the cornerstones of major strategies of national policy-makers and international organisations (Education for All, Millennium Development Goals, Europe 2020, etc.)

Public and private stakeholders need reliable and up-to-date statistics on education to monitor, compare, adapt and improve education systems and develop learning opportunities. Only comparable education statistics allow the identification of best practices and their benchmarking.

Sogeti provides statistical consultancy on education and lifelong learning statistics at both national (Luxembourg, Turkey, etc.) and EU level (the European Commission - Eurostat, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, etc.) Besides having its in-house team of experts, Sogeti is part of a network of international renowned academics and experts in education statistics.

Our expertise

Since 2008, Sogeti provides statistical consultancy in education statistics on topics high in the EU agenda, namely: the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), learning mobility in higher education, special educational needs (SEN), the implementation of ISCED11, the revision of the classification of fields of education, etc.

Within this framework, our in-house dedicated team provides expertise at different stages of the data life cycle, i.e.

  • The methodological development (learning mobility in higher education, special educational needs, estimations guidelines within the UOE framework, etc.);
  • The data collection according to EU standards (Adult Education Survey – Luxembourg, etc.) or ad hoc procedures (monitoring the development of the European Higher Education Area, etc.);
  • The data analysis and the calculation of indicators;
  • The dissemination of results (Eurostat database, paper and web publications, etc.)

Our achievements

Since March 2014, Sogeti takes part in a project on the post-Bologna Process implemented for Eurostat. Within this framework, Sogeti is in charge of the collection of information for the EHEA countries not included in the European Statistical System and the statistical analysis intended to monitor the development of the EHEA.

From January 2012 to February 2013, Sogeti assisted Eurostat in the implementation of the ISCED 2011 classification in the European Statistical System. In particular, Sogeti: (1) proposed adaptations of the UOE questionnaire to the ISCED 2011, (2) analysed the quality and comparability of the existing meta-data, (3) advised on the adaptation of the 2006 classification of learning activities, (4) developed a methodological manual on learning mobility for tertiary education and (5) managed a pilot data collection on credit mobility.