Science and Technology

Science and technology

Working for the society

Science and Technology are core drivers of economic growth and social development for modern societies. Practical applications of science and technology are integrated in almost every aspect of our lives, they include: household appliances, transport and communications equipment, medicine and health equipment, etc. Research, Development (R&D) and innovation power such applications and are often considered as some of the primary driving forces behind competitiveness, economic growth and job creation.

In 2010, science, technology and innovation statistics have been acknowledged by the EU Commission as to be closely linked to the policy activities carried out by the European Union.

Sogeti provides statistical consulting services on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Statistics at both national (Luxembourg) and EU level (the European Commission - Eurostat, DG RTD, etc.) Besides having its in-house team of experts, Sogeti is part of a network of international renowned academics and experts in STI statistics.

Our expertise

Since 2003, Sogeti provides statistical consultancy on Science, Technology and Innovation statistics on some of the key topics of the EU agenda, namely: R&D and innovation, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), patents, high-tech industry, knowledge-intensive services and human resources statistics.

Having gathered first-hand experience of majors EU surveys on STI and similar topics as coordinator, data analyst and methodological specialist, Sogeti in-house team of expert can provide its clients with solid expertise on:

  • Needs identification;
  • Survey and questionnaires design;
  • Development of collection tools;
  • Data collection according to EU standards (R&D, Community Innovation Survey (CIS), and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT));
  • Data analysis and calculation of indicators;
  • Quality reporting and production process documentation;
  • Management and update of production databases;
  • Dissemination of results (paper and web publications, CD/DVD Rom, etc.)

Our achievements

Since March 2003, Sogeti maintains and updates the production database on High-Tech industries (HTI), Knowledge Based Services (KBS) and Human Resources in Science and Technology (HRST) statistics as a contractor for Eurostat. Within this framework, Sogeti also carries out data quality assessments – including data relevance analysis – and produces publications of EU interest.

Over the last 10 years, Sogeti has managed data on Patents statistics for Eurostat, working also on the data treatment methodology and the data production. Since July 2014, Sogeti assists STATEC – the National Statistical Institute of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – in the implementation and monitoring of the community statistical programme on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in enterprises. As a contractor for STATEC, Sogeti is also working on the combined data collection on Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation (CIS) statistics.