Xamarin Partnership

People rightfully expect great experiences using any kind of app. Combining the strengths of Sogeti and Xamarin we speed up your delivery of new apps keeping a constant focus on quality and client satisfaction.

Through our global partnership with Xamarin we build world-leading  apps. As a Xamarin Elite Partner we demonstrate the highest level of Xamarin expertise and certified Xamarin professionals, with proven success serving global and regional enterprise and government markets.

Our main common denominators are our joint passion for technology, digital transformation and testing. We truly understand digital disruption and helping you address the challenges as your company goes more and more digital, accelerating though customer loyalty and gamification.

We enable our clients to benefit from Xamarin’s world-renowned product portfolio for build, test and run, including:

Build your apps entirely in C#, sharing the same code on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more.

Finding bugs before users do on over 1,000 devices in the cloud.

Improving your apps with real-time monitoring.

Our expertise

We are constantly delivering value to our clients across the world through our Xamarin teams. Our experts, well-known within the global Xamarin community, constantly innovate and share knowledge, for the benefit of our clients. We encourage you to follow and interact with our MVPs and passionatas online.

In addition, being number one in Testing and Quality Assurace world-wide, with over 12,500 experts, our capabilities and the Xamarin Test Cloud, is a perfect match. We help you grow customer loyalty and satisfaction by securing and testing your apps so that you do not lose business due to bad user experience. In the digital world there are small margins for error as your competitor is only one click away.


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