Making the numbers speak

Statistics tell a story. Numbers are not difficult or boring; they just need to be wrapped up in an appropriate way to make them interesting. Collecting numbers is not enough: informed users and the general public need explanations, interpretation and comments. Contextualising statistical information is also crucial: why is statistical information collected? What is the framework and the background? What should be measured? How is it measured? What can be expected from the outcomes?

Analysing statistical data also forces to look closer at concepts, definitions, measurements, sampling, etc. Still, articles and publications intended for the general public should remain understandable and visually attractive.

Our expertise

Sogeti has substantial experience in the preparation of publications with statistical content, ranging from articles, leaflets, short bulletins and pocketbooks to more elaborate cross-topic publications, interactive CD/DVD-ROMs and online publications. The tasks Sogeti is entrusted with vary: the preparation of a publication may either be based on existing information or may be preceded by a dedicated data collection.

Sogeti helps in structuring your information; it identifies its main elements, selects ways of presenting them and valorises its meaning.

Sogeti offers the entire range of services to achieve statistical publications:

  • Proposal for content and general structure;
  • Selection of statistical data to be presented;
  • Preparation of data: visually appealing tables and clear figures;
  • Editing of comments;
  • Contextualisation of the information;
  • Clear, unambiguous texts using a clear language;
  • Customised layout using professional DTP software;
  • Interactive presentation of results on various supports (CD/DVD-ROMs, mobile, tablet, etc.);
  • Website development and maintenance of contents;
  • Mobile Apps development.

Apart from preparing publications that are supplied in “ready-to-print” files, Sogeti can also take care of the actual printing of your publications through a trusted partner. The same applies for the reproduction of interactive supports.

Our achievements

Sogeti has edited numerous statistical publications for a large variety of clients (Eurostat, other DGs of the European Commission, international organisations, national ministries and authorities) and in many domains: agriculture, transport, energy, innovation, ICT, R&D, trade, education, etc. Below is a selection of publications, websites and mobile apps that Sogeti has prepared for its clients: