BUSINESS ANALYTICS AND Consultancy in Statistics

Statistics for modern societies

Whether you are a public institution aiming to design and assess new policies or a private company looking for business opportunities, statistics will prove instrumental to successfully implement your ideas. As a long-standing partner of the EU Institutions and the private sector, Sogeti provides a full range of services covering all aspects of the statistical chain: from survey design and data collection to data analysis and dissemination of results.

Since the late 1990s, Sogeti has developed its know-how in several statistical domains on which it provides methodological and technical assistance. Its in-house team of experts as well as its network of specialists offer sound knowledge and solid experience of statistics on Education, Crime, Gender equality, Healthcare, Research & Development, Business Register and Structural Business Statistics (SBS), Price statistics, External trade, Transport, Environment, Energy and Agriculture.

Sogeti offers consulting services in all phases of the statistical chain, as foreseen in the Generic Statistical Business Process Model: Specify Needs, Design, Build, Collect, Process, Analyse, Disseminate and Evaluate. Besides its domain expertise, it also provides Project Coordination, with special reference to international public funded projects, Training and User Support for Statistics and IT tools for Statistics, support for Data Dissemination and promotional activities on statistics, Technology and Tools for statistical exchange (data and metadata exchange, website, SDMX etc.)

Sogeti currently employs about 80 full-time statisticians, economists and experts in social sciences, offering methodological assistance and consulting services in several languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Romanian and Russian. Having built a network of internationally recognised academics and specialists over the years, Sogeti is able to mobilise experts adjusting fast to the requirements of its clients.

Statistics Consultancy

Built through years of collaboration with recognised universities and EU institutions, Sogeti’s statistical know-how and consulting services cover all phases of the statistical chain:

  • Survey Design – identification of relevant variables, questionnaire design, etc.;
  • Data collection – survey design, compilation and implementation of databases, follow up and evaluation of data collections;
  • Data processing – data management and analysis, including data validation, quality control, estimation and sampling;
  • Dissemination of results – preparation of online and paper-based publications (leaflets, yearbooks, ad hoc reports, etc.), implementation of visual identity guidelines and layout formats

Our knowledge is continuously increasing, through private sector projects but also through European funded projects, for supporting EU countries, as well as key third countries and regions by the implementation of an optimum information system. International cooperation activities is also fully part of our expertise. 

Statistical publications

Being the natural outcome of the collection and analysis, data dissemination is an instrumental phase of the statistical production chain. Whether to be published online or made available through paper publications, Sogeti offers high-quality solutions.

Sogeti’s dissemination know-how ranges from the compilation of online databases, including the required validation procedures and data quality control to the preparation of digital and paper-based publications. Sogeti’s publishing expertise covers both the content (scientific and methodological robustness, overall coherence, etc.) and the layout of a document (tables, graphs and maps design, compliance with graphical guidelines, etc.)

Currently, Sogeti prepares data in different domains for dissemination through the Eurostat’s statistical database. As a contractor of the European Commission, Sogeti is also responsible for a wide range of online and paper-based publications: Wiki articles, statistical portraits, yearbooks, leaflets, flyers and ad hoc reports. For private or public customers, Sogeti offers its expertise in selecting ways to present results and to valorise meaning and relevance. This can be done through an interactive presentation on various supports, the development of a website and the management of its content or via mobile Apps.

Project coordination

Over the last decade Sogeti has consolidated its role of project coordinator, successfully leading international public funded projects. As of today, Sogeti is a well-appreciated contractor of the European Union, assisting many EU Directorate-Generals (Eurostat, SANTE, CHAFEA, ENV, etc.) and Agencies on statistical projects.

As leader of several consortia currently engaged with the EU Institutions, Sogeti is knowledgeable of EU contractual procedures and requirements and has an extensive know-how of calls for tender and framework contract procedures. Sogeti is able to mobilise partners from both the private and the public sector at short notice and can rely on a wide network of experts working for recognised universities and public entities.

Technology and tools

Within each step of the statistical production chain, statistics make extensive use of IT tools to respond to the growing needs of policy makers and different stakeholders. Since many years, Sogeti provides assistance on technology and tools for statistics, to national and international institutions.

Whether your need for reliable data concerns official statistics or ad hoc analysis, SogetiI offers you appropriate solutions, relying on the best Business Intelligence mechanisms (Audit, ETL, etc.) and IT tools (SAS, Business Objects, Oracle, SQL, SPSS, STATA, R, etc.). Working since more than 10 years for Eurostat, Sogeti has built a solid knowledge on SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange) and eDAMIS (electronic Dataflow Administration and Management Information System), the standard solutions for collecting and exchanging data files in the European Statistical System.

Training and user support

Training is the key to work process improvement and success, provided that trainers are knowledgeable and trainings are well conducted. Sogeti successfully provides about 50 trainings a year for clients such as Eurostat and the National Statistical Institutes of the European Statistical System. Although trainings are often carried out in English, our experienced trainers are able to conduct trainings in most of the EU official languages and Russian.

Currently, trainings are provided on several statistical topics (International Trade, National Accounts, Environmental Statistics, Environmental Accounts, Data Validation, Handling of Metadata, etc.) and IT tools for statistics (SDMX, EDIT, EUROTRACE, COMEXT, eDAMIS, etc.)

On behalf of Eurostat, Sogeti currently offers multilingual user support on statistics and IT tools for statistics. This service, which includes trainings and presentations, consists of first- and second-level support as well as a user support hot line covering five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Danish. Sogeti also assists the Publications Office of the European Union by providing content management and user support on CORDIS, the European Commission public portal which disseminates information on all EU-funded research projects.