Centreon, monitoring open-source specialist

Presentation of Sogeti's monitoring partners

Centreon is an enterprise IT monitoring software and services company. Founded by Romain Le Merlus, CEO, and Julien Mathis, CTO, Centreon makes it easy for businesses to reduce unnecessary outages, using industry-standard open source, pre-empting costly services downtime.

Scalable and affordable monitoring solutions

Trusted by SMBs and Fortune 500 companies for more than 10 years, Centreon's software suite has become a leading European reference with over 100,000 professional users. Airbus, Atos, Bolore, BT, Kuehne Nagel, LVMH, Orange and Thales are among its diverse global customers.

They choose Centreon's Nagios-inspired standards for making their IT systems and network performance monitoring instantly insightful, so much more scalable and affordable. And they know they can count on Centreon's niche expertise, support and training as well as continued R&D innovation.

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