Solution Architect

"I haven't failed. I just found 10.000 ways that won't work." - Thomas Edison

Philippe TriquenotCould you give us a short description of what you do at Sogeti?

I work at Sogeti as a Solution Architect for various clients from financial sector to European Institution and on very varied missions lasting from a few weeks to a few years depending on the goals of the missions (from feasibility studies, kick-off architecture studies to complete project monitoring from architecture definition to implementation and operational monitoring).

 Tell us a bit about your background:

I have been passionate about IT technologies and methods since I used my first computer when I was 16 years old. I immediately started programming it or trying to do so using Basic and MS-DOS scripting at this time. Since then, I felt I wanted to make my profession of it.

 My career at Sogeti:

I started my career at Sogeti Luxembourg (Ariane 2) 20 years ago as a Web developer. Sogeti offered me, though various missions, trainings, internal projects, the opportunities to progress and to change quite frequently of role (analyst, team leader, project manager, software architect and now solution architect) while maintaining coherent career path in line with my objectives and with my wishes.

What are you most passionate about in your area of expertise?

I am passionate in analyzing the existing situation of clients IT systems, diagnosing possible issues and finding ways to fix them, to make sure that their IT design is in line with the IT strategies and with the business goals of my clients, so simply, working on their architecture and coaching their IT teams in order to implement the architectures I designed. Of course, designing new systems from scratch is even more exciting.

What is a typical workday like for you?

I would say there is no typical workday. Each of them come with a lot of surprises, unexpected events, very different tasks and projects. No routine at all.

 What makes it different to work for Sogeti?

Working for Sogeti is different because we do not feel as numbers or as anonymous employees, our management know us and we know them. We are also One Team, with the support of experts from all other the group in case of issues. I like to speak about it just as a family with a world wide group size.

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    Philippe Triquenot
    Solution Architect
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About Philippe

 Name: Philippe Triquenot

 Job Title: Solution Architect

Born: 18/08/1973

 Family: single, lives in Luxembourg

 Hobbies: Fitness / Hiking / Running