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Microsoft Alliance Sales Manager

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Kamel Abid A short introduction of what you do at Sogeti, your background and your career in the company

In summer 2017, I celebrated my 23th year as an IT professional, while swimming among computers and keyboards since the age of 5. Today, I lead the Microsoft Alliance. One of the 2 main Partners of Sogeti. Meanwhile, I develop business accounts and foster Sogeti portfolio adoption through both public and private sectors in Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. In parallel, I am an active member of Sogeti Labs. It is a community of over 120 technology leaders from Sogeti worldwide, covering a wide range of digital technology expertise.

Native from Nice, I previously worked as Developer, System Administrator, Support Engineer, Project Leader, Bid Manager and then Delivery Manager. Hired at Sogeti Luxembourg in 2008, I passed through several in-house activities: Consulting, Bidding, Team Leading and now business developer.


What are you most passionate about in your area of expertise?

Being decisive in our customers’ cases. Empowering people to be more efficient, more competitive thanks to IT, methodology and innovation. Bringing solutions and making it possible when things seem to be an inaccessible dream. The adrenaline of business competition.


What is a typical workday like for you?

Visiting and prospecting for new costumers on the field. Going back to the office to sharpen business cases with the technical team. Then refreshing the sales and delivery teams with news from Microsoft Corp or Sogeti global alliance.


What makes it different to work for Sogeti?

Certainly the room for initiative and audacity we can benefit.

  • Kamel Abid
    Kamel Abid
    Microsoft Alliance Sales Manager
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About Kamel

Name:Kamel ABID

Job title: Microsoft Alliance Sales Manager

Date of birth: 18 / 07 / 1974

Location: Nice - France

Family: 3 children – 1 girl (Inès) and 2 boys (Zayon & Eden)

Hobbies: Meeting people, Writing books, traveling, gardening... being happy