TurkStat is upgrading ICT services

Technical Assistance Project for Upgrading ICT Services of TurkStat, Turkey to achieve Sustainable ICT Infrastructure for Statistical Production

The purpose of "Technical Assistance Project for Upgrading ICT Services of TurkStat” was to improve the technical capacity in ICT infrastructure and services and to ensure more effective processes on collection, compilation and dissemination of statistical data. The project was conducted by the consortium of KMO Bilgi Sistemleri A.S., SOGETI S.A., AGEM LtdSti .

The project duration was 24 months. The closure conference was held on September 13 2017 and project achievements were shared as well as technical panels focusing on key technology topics of; big data and data security. Key Note speech by Menno Van DOORN from SOGETI (Director VINT Research Institute for the Analysis on new Technology) with striking context on artificial intelligence staged the future of the data world.  

The Project was composed of complementary consultancy and training activities.

  • 515 expert days of Consultancy Services were provided on topics including; Project& Task Management, Test Management, Configuration Management, User Interface Design, Workflow Engine, Mobile Devices, Performance Tuning, Green System Room Design, Virtualization, Penetration Testing, System & Information Security, Disaster Recovery, Network.
  • 303 days of training has been provided on 34 different topics related to; Software Development & Management Techniques, Software Quality, Java EE 6.0 Innovations, NoSQL, Big Data Principles, SAS Advanced Techniques, New Technologies in Database (Oracle, PostgreSQL), Penetration Testing, Database Security, Network & System Security, Operating Systems, Virtualization, Network 

For the official statistical production, sustainable IT infrastructure is the key. The project objectives are completely achieved, technical capacity is improved with the resulting outputs and deliverables.



For further details http://www.kmo.com.tr/en/30182/Technical-Assistance-on-Upgrading-Information-and-Communication-Technologies-of-TurkStat