Date icon.png  26th - 27th June, 2024
location icon.png  Luxexpo The Box - Luxembourg 


Join Us This Summer for Nexus2050: Unlock Gen AI value with Sogeti 

Get ready for the inaugural edition of Nexus2050.

The new annual tech event dedicated to new technologies! Our presence highlights our commitment to being at the forefront of innovation, a mission that transcends borders and inspires change on a global scale.

Nexus2050 offers two days of discovery and inspiration, fostering encounters and networking. It serves as an international hub, merging ecological and digital transitions to support net-zero strategies by 2050.

This inaugural edition spotlights AI, sustainability, cybersecurity, fintech, and talent development, advancing human progress ethically.



Sogeti Booth | PureTech Village - Booth P07

Our booth, located in the PureTech Village, will be the focal point of our presence. Enjoy a dynamic experience featuring exclusive GenAI demos, interactive activities and network opportunities at our stand P07.

Come and discover our latest technological innovations and explore with us the infinite possibilities they offer for shaping a better future.

Join us to connect, collaborate, and innovate with industry leaders. As sponsors, we are offering our clients 2-day full access to the event. Be part of the transformation towards a net-zero future by 2050!

Discover our insightful and engaging booth activities here


Sogeti Keynote Day 1 | 11:30 AM June 26 | PureTech Stage
Managing Scale of GenAI Through Trust | Joakim Wahlqvist, CTO Data & AI, Sogeti Global
While GenAI moves forward Scaling, Business Adoption, and building Trust into the process is becoming the next big topic. Joakim will share insights on how to move forward in GenAI domain, fast and in control, while ensuring trustworthiness in the end-result. Explore how our Trusted AI Framework and refined processes empower organizations to harness GenAI's potential with confidence, accelerating the pace of progress towards a bold tomorrow.
Future Tech Vision | Tech meets Sport
Navigate the vast sea of software development with our Gen AI-Powered compass. Witness how Generative AI can elevate software and quality engineering processes and unlock efficiency and innovation at every phase.
Explore endless possibilities in artifact creation and learning methodologies. From text and code generation to image creation, experience real-time results and scale your use cases with ease.
Join us for a refreshing cocktail at our booth and network with our speakers and experts.

To explore


Live Gen AI Demos at Our Booth! 

Our team is all set to bring you an exclusive Gen AI experience with two interactive demos: The Gen AI Amplifier, which enhances software development efficiency and innovation, and the Gen AI Hub, showcasing real-time results in text, code, and image generation.

We’re here to help you accelerate your GenAI journey by offering speed, efficiency, customization, and support, streamlining the development and deployment of high-quality generative AI models.

What's More?

Insightful Readings: Discover Sogeti and Capgemini's thought leadership content on Gen AI.
Metaverse Experience: Immerse yourself in Sogeti's company values and our people’s stories through VR.
Refreshing Cocktail: Network and discuss with our speakers and experts over a drink.
Selfie Corner: Capture unforgettable moments at our booth.

Meet us

Eric de Quatrebarbes

Head of Europe Cluster BU, Executive Vice President, Capgemini

Joakim Wahlqvist

CTO Data & AI, Sogeti Global Portfolio

Frédéric Robin

CEO, Sogeti Luxembourg

Marc Durante

Chief of Sales, Sogeti Luxembourg

Tony Pharaon

Senior IT Consultant, Sogeti Luxembourg

Jérémy Combe

Senior Data Scientist, Sogeti Luxembourg

Jan Claes

Data Solution Architect, Sogeti Luxembourg


Client Director for Financial Services and Insurance, Sogeti Luxembourg

If you have any questions, please contact

Marketing and Communication Manager | Sogeti Luxembourg

Digital Marketing Manger | Capgemini