Business intelligence at the heart of Swedbank

Together with Swedbank's own IT department we have for many years collaborated around Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Development and Applications Management, both onshore and offshore.

Swedbank has 7,8 million private clients and approximately 600,000 company clients making them Sweden's largest bank in number of customers. Swedbank is also a leading company in its remaining home markets Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Ever since 1996 Sogeti has been delivering Business Intelligence (BI) services to Swedbank IT. The collaboration started with a few resources empowering Swedbank's own expertise within the BI area. The collaboration expanded with Sogeti expertise around development and Applications Management of Swedbank's BI systems and applications.

For over 10 years we have managed Swedbank's two large data warehouses in DB2 and Teradata environments. A large part of our contributions is about daily applications management but we also develop one of the Nordics largest Data Warehouses, with hundreds of incoming deliveries and huge data volumes. 

Our client tells it all

Per-Olof Persson, Application Maintenance Manager at Swedbank IT, shares the story about the long-term relationship with Sogeti.

"The relationship between Swedcank and Sogeti is, and has been, very good. The dialog is always very open and transparent, both regarding smaller and larger topics. My feeling is that the dialog is also constantly a very solutions-oriented one. Some of the unique features around our collaboration also include competence development, where single consultants have been assigned to manage the entire group's competence development. In addition we have a great collaboration running trainee programs together, thereby including new individuals into the assignment in a very successful way."

High demands

The Sogeti consultants assisting Swedbank are certified Teradata SQL specialists. Except for high demands regarding technological expertise, the consultants also need a good understanding of the operations as production challenges, off and on, are highly complex, demanding advanced investigative work.

"Foremost, I would like to highlight the amazing expertise provided by the individuals in the assignment. I have worked for over 20 years' in this sector and I dare to say that it is unique. I would also like to highlight the company's ability to, when needed, provide new skilled consultants", said Mr Persson.

In regards to how Sogeti has fulfilled the demands set up by Swedbank he stays positive:

"In all regards, you have delivered in an excellent way. We have during the years, always jointly followed up set demands and I am especially satisfied with the common dialog we have around deliveries and how easily and quickly we have been able to correct any problems we have experienced."

Both onshore and offshore

Sogeti also offers offshore services to Swedbank IT. Mainly on the development side, Sogeti has provided its so called Rightshore® service, which mainly involves combining expertise both onshore and offshore to deliver maximum custumer value. Delivery has mainly been done through India in collaboration with a locally based core team in Sweden. By using our Rightshore approach, Swedbank is able to act extremely cost-effectively in regards to all development.