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Security Testing

Sogeti is committed to offering a complete range of testing services to its customers, based upon the underlying principle of risk management and the end goal of achieving assurance in our clients’ service delivery. Information security is a key part in achieving this assurance – now more than ever.

Sogeti offers comprehensive and state-of-the-art Cyber Security Services.

Our specialized set of security testing services covers every facet of an organization’s digital enterprise.

Our offerings include:

  • Static, Dynamic and Interactive Application Security Testing
  • Penetration Testing and vulnerability testing
  • Cloud Security Testing
  • Secure Application Management Lifecycle
  • Product Security Testing
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • Pre-Compliance Readiness Testing
  • Security testing consultancy services
  • Security testing training and awareness
  • Social engineering and DDOS resilience testing
  • Vulnerability Remediation Services

  • Jean-Marc Bianchini
    Jean-Marc Bianchini
    Global Head of Cybersecurity Services
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