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The world around us is challenging. Business solutions must bring real business value and lead to demonstrable business success.

PointZERO® brings an overarching view that is new in the world of business technology. This umbrella view prevents fragmented improvements that would lead to sub optimization of the overall application lifecycle. PointZERO® refers to doing things right from the very first moment, the point zero. Avoid wasting effort on rework; "getting it right from the start", leading to business solutions that are fit for purpose and right the first time.

The PointZERO® vision

PointZERO® is our full lifecycle approach to reduce and eliminate defects at the source, mitigate risks and decrease or avoid costs, increase productivity and speed up time to market without sacrificing quality. It is an umbrella vision encompassing a shift in approach that goes across the application lifecycle model to reach business success. 
PointZERO® is a vision aimed at increasing business success by parallel and step-by-step improvement across the application lifecycle to shorten time to market, avoid and reduce cost, eliminate risk and reach a fit for purpose quality.

The PointZero Vision

  • Rik Marselis
    Rik Marselis
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