Agile Quality Engineering

Agile Quality Engineering

We enable Agile teams to deliver and deploy at greater speed with higher quality, with an integrated automation-driven quality validation process.

Agile Quality Engineering – Ensuring Quality at speed

Agile and DevOps development approaches demand drastic changes in orchestration, execution and automation of Quality Assurance and test activities. With our Agile Quality Engineering services, we inject Agile quality engineering expertise in your teams, enhance test automation levels and implement smart test solutions that are fully integrated into your CI/CD process.

Our services help to increase the speed of delivery and the level of quality of features/products delivered by your Agile teams. This leads to improved customer experience and assured business performance. Our services secure that you and your product owners have continuous transparency on the quality levels of core applications and developments.

We offer concrete commitments on test velocity, quality levels in production, test efficiency and test automation levels. Co-sourced, end-to-end or on-demand - whatever the requirements, we act as an extension of your team to get the job done.

How We’re Different

We offer an end to end quality partnership model in which we take shared responsibility for the quality levels of your feature releases. By doing this we offer flexible capacity, inject our Quality Assurance accelerators and commit to concrete quality outcomes on a continuous basis. This is how we see it:


Air France-KLM

Air France-KLM

Client challenge

Air France-KLM has transitioned its IT operations to an Agile way of working by adopting the SAFe framework. In 2016 AF/KLM was looking for a partner to help transform their test service centers in Netherlands and France, to secure transformation to Agile. The clear objectives in this Agile QA partnership were:

  • Establish one European test service centre
  • Ability to control testing cost by providing fix price services to the projects
  • Increase test efficiency by 15% within 2 years
  • Have access to flexible QA & Test architects, coaches and experts

How we made value

Sogeti helped Air France-KLM with the creation of a customized Test Service Catalogue.

Sogeti co-sourced Agile quality architects, test automation experts , and Agile Quality engineers that helped the Agile teams with set up of test strategies, test automation frameworks, test data and test environment provisioning and the overall governance of quality validation.

In addition Sogeti also established in its test center in France an extended execution arm or Air France-KLM. This test center provides various on demand and fixed price test services to Air France-KLM projects. Services that can be delivered include: Agile Sprint Test Strategy, Test Automation, GUI testing, Performance Testing, Mobile compatibility testing and more

The efficiency of service deliveries from the Sogeti test center is managed through defined set of service KPI’s.

Sogeti impact

We helped the AirFrance-KLM to transform their Test Centers successfully in a Test Service Center, that delivers customized QA support to the Agile development teams. The operation is flexible. This helped AirFrance KLM to reduce structural costs in line with the ambition. We helped to expand the range of services offered by test centers, and we established an outsourced back office for better flexibility.

Air France-KLM


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Frédéric Robin
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