End-to-end business assurance with embedded Quality Engineering in ADMnext

We enable quality engineering teams to increase application resilience, boost operational efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction with Business Assurance across the application landscape.

Getting the most out of your quality engineering function

We help quality engineering functions develop end-to-end validation of critical business flows and automation, adopt early security and performance checks within applications, and build an integrated quality assurance culture. How? With a mature DevOps quality engineering platform across teams.

This is a vital to ensure business-critical systems are stable, robust, scalable and secure. With quality built-in to application and development management (ADM), quality engineering teams can drive competitive advantage by boosting brand perception, customer trust and overall business performance.

As a trusted applications partner, we help our clients achieve this using our portfolio of Quality Engineering with ADMnext services. We enable teams to get rid of costly defects in production, while increasing testing productivity and adding value in terms of software and automation delivery. Our ongoing investments in application testing methodology, AI, and certified quality engineers enable clients to exploit the best cutting-edge technologies available.

We have built a stack of dynamic ADM services that complement our readily available test environments and data delivering a real-time production experience and a smart and connected testing ecosystem.

  • Adaptive ADM Services enable clients’ quality engineering functions to Takeover & Optimize through test factory and Agile/DevOps quality engineering, test automation, and test data solutions
  • Modernization Services help enterprise clients Transform & Modernize with cloud testing, API, middleware, security testing, and business assurance
  • Business Insightful Services boost value through QA advisory, AI QA solutions, and end-to-end domain-specific testing
  • Emerging Services & Products bring new business models with AI QA services, embedded testing for connected products, zero-touch testing, and digital quality engineering transformation

How We’re Different

We combine our years of business-focused partnership capabilities, extensive industry experience, and integrated IT services portfolio with solid ADM technology credentials.  Working as one team with our clients’ quality engineering functions, we deliver and deploy at greater speed, with higher quality and an integrated, automation-driven quality validation process that evolves continuously with innovative solutions.

Animation: Continuous testing journey in DevOps with innovative AI based QA solutions like Cognitive QA and ADA delivers end to end business assurance


Global medical device and pharmaceutical company

Client challenge

The company was looking to increase testing efficiency and completely transform its testing function to deliver better quality with Agile, Cloud, and DevSecOps solutions.

How we made value

The Capgemini team worked with the company to deploy automation, Cognitive QA, and SmartQA (CQA) testing platform solutions across multiple business towers and simplified and streamlined the testing and application landscape.


Overall the end results of Capgemini’s ADMnext Quality Engineering deployment included:

  • 35% in cost reductions
  • 80% accelerated test times
  • Over 75% test automation
  • Comprehensive, on-time regulatory compliance
  • An average of 75% effort reduction in execution time
  • Increased automation coverage from 18% to 70%
  • 21 joint automation POCs completed
  • A substantially enhanced test automation framework with AI features.
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Frédéric Robin
Frédéric Robin
Vice President Capgemini, Country Leader Sogeti Luxembourg

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