Internet of Things Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to open a new era in industrialization and innovation, providing organizations with the ability to automatically collect and analyze data from connected devices, sensors, machines and people.

The next wave of connected services origins from the Internet of Things (IoT). We have already helped clients to use IoT to deliver new services more efficiently and cost-effectively, and to automate processes such as manufacturing and maintenance.

In the coming few years, we expect thousands of new types of connected devices emerge, creating billions of new Internet endpoints. The opportunities promise to be a game changer for any company in all sectors. Sogeti has years of experience in the machine-to-machine market and since it carries significant similarities to the new IoT market, you are in safe hands on your next steps in your digital journey.

Our Services

Our Internet of Things services include:

  • Internet of Things strategy
  • Innovation Portfolio Management
  • Solution design and delivery on top of wearable technologies such as glasses, wristbands, watches, and apparel
  • Machine to machine solutions in manufacturing and maintenance
  • Rapid concept and design prototyping

Thought Leadership

Our global trend lab VINT shares the latest insight on Internet of Things in a series of four reports of which three have been launched so far.

1/4 "Things - Interet of Business Opportunities"
2/4 "Emphatic things - Intimate computing from wearables to biohacking"
3/4 "The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Things build a bridge between OT and IT"
4/4 "Smart cities" 

Free downloads in our online bookstore.

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