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Security Assurance and Testing

Embrace new ways of working with Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things (SMACT) technologies. The digital enterprise is more vulnerable than ever but with effective Security Assurance & Testing you can strengthen your applications, your infrastructures and end-points. You can verify the efficiency of your digital identity and access controls.

Identifying and removing critical vulnerabilities

With the increased threat of cyber attacks it is vital to manage the security of applications and systems in depth so that vulnerabilities are detected as early as possible. It is far less costly to remove a critical vulnerability before a service goes live than after it has been launched. Can you operate a secure application lifecycle management process that gives your business the confidence to adopt SMACT technologies? Are you confident your current and future applications and web-facing services are not open doors for attackers who will steal your most sensitive data?

Combatting cyber threats in the digital enterprise

Stop cybersecurity incidents turning into financial or reputational loss. Our Security Assurance & Testing services address the growing number and intensity of cyber threats in today’s digital era. Secure lifecycle management processes and security testing enable us to verify whether your systems are secure. Our proven testing approach across infrastructure and applications (including enterprise / industrial systems, web, human, mobile and Internet of Things) improves security and time to market for new offers and software solutions. You will gain the confidence to adopt SMACT technologies.

Transform securely with a trusted security testing partner

Our Security Assurance & Testing services keep you ahead of the real threats. We have been testing our clients’ IT on a permanent basis for decades and have hundreds of references throughout Europe and beyond. With world-class audit, pentest and R&D teams, an industrial approach, and best-in-class tools, we’re trusted by national authorities and industry alike to help them transform securely. They rely on us to integrate secure testing across their IT development lifecycles.

Examples of references

  • Netherlands ministry of Security & Justice
  • French Ministry of Defense
  • Many National & local Governments
  • European Telco
  • European large banks
  • Large industrial companies

  • Olivier Poirier
    Olivier Poirier
    Service Delivery Manager Cybersecurity
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