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We connect all your teams to our high-performance collaborative workspace. They can work anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

SMART WorkSpace – Working collaboratively together in the cloud

In five years 75% of the modern workforce will be millennials. Almost half say they are likely to quit jobs if required to use substandard technology.

So employees in today’s connected world need employers who enable them to work flexibly, to work collaboratively together, to work on different devices, and to do that wherever they are.

Sogeti’s SMART WorkSpace delivers all of that. It’s a tightly controlled and secure workplace that’s easy to manage. Powered by Windows 10, it’s user-centered for a digital transformation enterprise ready solution compatible with any device and available on a pay-per-use model.

Freedom To Roam

A contented workforce is a productive workforce. Happy employees are customer focused, enthusiastic, and committed to your brand. Our SMART WorkSpace solution connects your teams to a high-performance platform. They can then get on with what they do best, without obstacles and without limits. We’ve taken 5 million devices and counting, here’s how...


Secure remote support for modern workplace deployments

Get devices ready and keep your remote workforce productive.

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Secure remote support for modern workplace deployments

Get devices ready and keep your remote workforce productive.

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A more connected campus using Digital Workplace


Friesland College

Client challenge

Sogeti helped ROC Friesland college to have more connected campus and student experience using Digital Workplace. Friesland College wanted to create an easy-to-use student portal accessible through mobile and tablet. They wanted to make it easier for students and teachers to communicate so that they can experience Instant personalized information for each student and a more connected campus.

How we made value

Sogeti created the Digital Workplace in four different interactive workshops with the customer in an agile way. They demonstrated how the different components of the Digital Workplace would look like with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Sogeti Smart WorkSpace Manager, because no custom development was required. During and after the workshops Sogeti helped to deploy the functionality to the SharePoint Online (O365) Test Environment of the customer using remote provisioning. Sogeti also implemented the business productivity suite using the Powell 365 solution. Sogeti helped with a solution that provided Friesland College with a standardized platform that seamlessly brings together the productivity features of O365 due to the user-friendly and intuitive UI.

Sogeti impact

By implementing Sogeti SMART WorkSpace, Friesland college enormously impact the usage adoption with averages of 60% i.e. increase in business productivity. By using the Powell 365 solution in the Smart WorkSpace they shortened the implementation time by 3 times.

Friesland College also experienced the needed results within 70% of the budget. In a business perspective, the complete user experience led to significant efficiency gains by pushing O365 adoption. On average, Friesland College noticed O365 usage jump from 10% to 90%, one month after implementation.

Friesland College


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