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Jelle Bosch 

Expert in Transport Statistics, statistical Publications and Data Dissemination, Jelle Bosch holds a Master degree in Geography from the University of Trier, Germany. As a Dutch native, Jelle is also fluent in English, French, German and Luxembourgish, which he uses in his daily activities to document and present his work and assist the clients. He is also knowledgeable in Italian. Jelle joined Sogeti in 2004 and has, since then, worked essentially for clients of the public sector – particularly Eurostat and other DGs of the European Commission – providing analysis related to different statistical domains and supplying consulting services covering the entire scope of the publication and data dissemination process i.e. document structure and design, data retrieval and harmonisation, content production, layout, etc.

Since 2011, Jelle works on the development of modal split indicators for transport as a contractor for Eurostat. The project, which includes conceptual input, methodological support as well as consulting services on publication and data dissemination, aims at establishing reliable statistics on the total transport performance and the modal share. Currently, Jelle also assists the Statistical Office of the European Union on the development of guidelines aiming at collecting harmonised Passenger Mobility Statistics. In the recent past, he furthermore provided the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with a publication offering a snapshot of the Information and Communication Technology sector of the country.

Sandrine Cipponeri 

Expert Leader and Team Coordinator, Sandrine Cipponeri holds a Diploma in statistics from the University of Metz, France. French native speaker, she is fluent in English and specialist in External Trade statistics and Transport statistics. Since she joined Sogeti in 1999, Sandrine has worked essentially for clients of the public sector – particularly Eurostat, other DGs of the European Commission and different Luxembourgish public Institutions – supervising and coordinating the activities of the in-house team of statisticians. Her activities focus also on the development of Sogeti expertise on new statistical domains and the extension of the company’s network of external experts and partners.

In the last few years, Sandrine has successfully widened Sogeti’s scope of action to Price Statistics and Social Statistics. As a result, Sogeti is currently working on a 24-month-project on Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs) for hospital services and is implementing a 2-year-contract on House Price Index, Owner Occupied Housing and Additional Real Estate Indicators for Eurostat. As a contractor for STATEC – the Statistical Office of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – Sandrine is coordinating the in-house team working on the Time Use Survey. This project, developed within the methodological framework of the Harmonised European Time Use Surveys, includes methodological support, data collection, data analysis and the compilation of several indicators. For the Statistical Office of the EU, Sandrine is also supervising the activities of Sogeti’s experts engaged in the regular production and dissemination of statistics on Sport and Culture. Within this context, besides their regular production, culture statistics will be subject to a methodological analysis, extend in their range and improved in their quality.

Arnaud Desurmont

Arnaud Desurmont holds a master degree in Applied Economics, with a specialization in European Economic and Social Integration, from the University of Science and Technology of Lille and a bachelor degree in International Economics from the University of Paris 2. Interested in the methodological aspects of statistics, Arnaud has a thorough knowledge of major international sources of education and lifelong learning statistics, having cooperated on this subject with different EU institutions for over ten years.

As a specialist on education statistics, he is the author of several publications (reports, studies, handbooks, etc.) and methodological work on this topic for clients like Eurostat and EURYDICE – the Network of Information on Education in Europe coordinated by the EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. 

French native speaker, Arnaud has a sound knowledge of English and solid experience in coordination and project management. In the recent past, he assisted the Ministry of National Education of Turkey in its effort to compile with Eurostat methodology. Within this framework, Arnaud took part to the production of the Practical Guide detailing the methodology for the adoption of EU norms and standards on education statistics.

Arnaud’s most recent publications include the followings:

On behalf of Eurostat   

  • “Statistical report on progress in the post Bologna Process: Data collection and computation of indicators – co-author, 2015 (forthcoming), Eurostat;
  •  “The Bologna Process in Higher Education in Europe – Key indicators on the social dimension and mobility”, author and coordination, edition 2009, 252 p, Eurostat – Eurostudent.

On behalf of EURYDICE

  • Funding of Education in Europe The Impact of the Economic Crisis, external expert, analysis of COFOG data, 2013, 106 p, EACEA-Eurydice;
  • Key data on education in Europe – co-author – chapter D-Funding, 2012 edition, 212 p, EACEA-Eurydice.

Jörg Hanauer 

Expert in Environment and Energy Statistics, Jörg Hanauer holds an Intermediate Diploma in Environmental Economics from the University of Vienna. He joined Sogeti in 2009, after a six-year-experience at the Statistical Office of the EU, where he worked as a Seconded National Expert and a Contract Agent – previously, he also worked at the Austrian Environment Agency. Within Eurostat, Jörg’s attention laid on Environmental Accounting, as he contributed to the maintenance, analysis and data management of Air Emissions Accounts, Material Flow Accounts, Energy Accounts and Water Accounts. Within this framework, Jörg acted also as Liaison Officer, coordinating Eurostat activities with those of other major international organisations i.e.: the OECD, the UN, the EEA, DG ENV and the UNEP.

Since 2010, Jörg works on Environmental Accounts as a contractor for Eurostat. Within this context, he collaborates with other major public institutions of the European Statistical System, providing trainings and assessing data collected by EU Member States and EFTA countries. Since 2012, Jörg is also coordinating the activities of Eurostat, the European Environment Agency, DG Environment and the Joint Research Centre in their effort to streamline environmental indicators.

Jean-Noël Haux

Senior Trainer and expert in IT tools for statistics, Jean-Noël Haux is an Industrial engineer with a Diploma from the Industrial Higher Institute of Brussels, Belgium. He joined Sogeti in 2003; since then he has worked as a trainer, advising clients within and outside the European Statistical System on IT tools for statistics: EDAMIS, SDMX, ASTRA, etc.

French native speaker, Jean-Noël is knowledgeable in German and Dutch and is fluent in English, which he uses in his daily activities to assist clients, document his work and deliver trainings.

Besides being directly involved as a trainer, Jean-Noël is responsible for the activities related to the user support and IT tools for statistics carried out by Sogeti. In particular, since 2010 he manages Sogeti’s multilingual user support team which provides assistance on all Eurostat publically accessible data: Eurobase, Statistics Explained, Easy Comext, etc. Implemented for the Statistical Office of the European Union, this project consists in providing support on behalf of Eurostat to users requesting information via mail, email or telephone – the languages currently covered by the support team are English, French, Swedish, Spanish, Danish and German.

As a contractor for Eurostat, Jean-Noël Haux largely contributed to the organisation of a seminar for the promotion of Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) tools among the members of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). The seminar, held in October 2013 in collaboration with the National Statistical Institute of Mexico (INEGI), took place in Aguascalientes and counted about 35 participants from over 12 countries.

Laurent Jacquet

Specialist in health and social statistics, Laurent Jacquet holds a Master in Public health and Biostatistics from the University of Paris XI and a Post Graduate diploma in Statistics and Data Processing from the University of South-Brittany. Since 2001, Laurent cooperates with different EU institution, particularly Eurostat where he was first involved in a methodological study on External Trade statistics

Having worked extensively on major EU social surveys (LFS, SILC, HBS, etc.), both as expert and team leader, Laurent masters all aspects of the data production chain: from survey design and data collection to data analysis and dissemination. Beside his work on social surveys, Laurent has gathered solid experience on health statistics, working for clients like the Consumer Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) and the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE). In the recent past, he coordinated the work on the European Health and Social Integration Survey (EHSIS), providing also methodological and technical assistance to Eurostat.

As project manager, Laurent currently leads a consortium which assists Eurostat and other Commission DGs with ad-hoc and high-level methodological support on statistic. As such, he is able to treat major methodological issues (process design, data anonymization, quality assessment, optimisation and integration of statistical production processes, etc.) and mobilise experts from different domains, being part of a wide network including Universities and public institutions.

Giuseppe Mossuti

Expert in Agriculture and Social Statistics, Giuseppe Mossuti holds a Master degree in Social Research from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a Bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He joined Sogeti in 2012, after a short time experience at Eurostat, where he worked in the team responsible for the European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS). During his time at the Statistical Office of the European Union, Giuseppe co-wrote one of Eurostat yearly publications dedicated to social protection statistics and contributed to the production of the 2011 ESSPROS Quality Reports on Core System and Pension Beneficiaries. Italian native speaker, Giuseppe is fluent in English and French, which he uses in his daily activities to assist the clients, document and present his work; he is also knowledgeable in German.

As a contractor for Eurostat, Giuseppe drafted 30 country-specific articles on the results of the Agricultural Census 2010 in the EU Member States and the EFTA countries. Available on the Wiki section (Statistics Explained) of the Eurostat web site, these publications provide a detailed comparison among the Agricultural Census 2010 and the previous exhaustive Farm Structure Survey. In the recent past, Giuseppe also contributed to the collection and analysis of statistical data from National Statistical Institutes of the EU Member States, on crop production of the host plants of some harmful organisms. Implemented for the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA), this project aimed to create a harmonised inventory of the existing horticulture statistical data sources in the EU Member States.

Sergiu Parvan

Specialist in statistics on Science and Technology (i.e. Innovation, Information and Communication Technologies, Research and Development), Sergiu Parvan holds a Diploma in Economics from the National Institute of Management of Bucharest. He joined Sogeti in 2012, after a long and fruitful experience at Eurostat, where he worked as a Seconded National Expert for six years. Within the Statistical Office of the European Union, he took part in the methodological development of Community Innovation Statistics (CIS), dealing with their whole life cycle: from data collection and analysis, to quality control, dissemination and user support.

As a contractor, Sergiu is currently working on the implementation of the combined data collection on Research and Development and Community Innovation Statistics as well on the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) survey for STATEC – the statistical institute of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Within this framework, he provides methodological and technical assistance on the questionnaire design, the data collection and analysis as well as the development of STATA routines for data validation and processing. Fluent in English and knowledgeable in French, Sergiu is also deeply involved in the overall maintenance and update of two Eurostat production databases: the High-Tech Industries (HTI) and Knowledge Based Services Statistics (KBS) database and the Human resources in Science and Technology Statistics (HRST) database.

Johan Piedigrosso

Johan Piedigrosso is expert in Technology and Tools for Statistical Exchange as well as IT Project Manager with over ten years of experience. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Notre Dame de la Paix of Namur and both Prince 2 and ITIL Foundation Certificates. He joined Sogeti in 1997 and was firstly assigned to software development projects for clients of the private sector: Cartesis, Cactus and CargoLux. In 2002, he started his collaboration with the European Commission working as an intra-muros consultant for Eurostat. At the Statistical Office of the European Union, Johan’s activity and daily tasks focused on technologies and tools for data collection and transmission and included support and training for Member States.

Since 2005, Johan manages projects on EDAMIS – the Electronic Data files Administration and Management Information System fostered by the European Statistical System – providing Eurostat and other members of the European Statistical System with support, training and other consulting services. Since 2008, as a contractor for Eurostat, he also manages framework contracts offering members of the European Statistical System assistance and training activities on SDMX: the initiative to foster standards for the exchange of statistical information promoted by the Bank for International Settlements, the European Central Bank, Eurostat, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations and the World Bank.

Johan is also responsible of requirements analysis, feasibility studies and IT rationalisation projects targeting the renovation of websites and the modernisation of statistical production chains.

Virginie Raymond

Virginie Raymond Blaess holds a Master and a Bachelor degree in Econometrics from the University Louis Pastor of Strasbourg. She joined Sogeti in 2012, after a long experience as a researcher and lecturer at the Universities of Erfurt and Justus-Liebig in Germany and a three-year contract at the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Netherlands. French native speaker, Virginie is fluent in Dutch, German and English, which she uses in her daily assignments both to assist the clients and document her work.

Expert in gender and crime statistics, Virginie was recently in charge of the collection and analysis of information on the representation of women and men in the board of Directors and Executive Management for the Luxembourgish Minister of equal opportunities. In the recent past, she was involved in the collection and analysis of the data on women and men in research. Implemented for the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, this project aimed to monitor the progress towards gender equity in science and resulted in several publications named “She Figures”. As a contractor for Eurostat, Virginie was in charge of the collection, analysis and dissemination of data on Crime. As such, she coordinated and supervised the design of the questionnaire employed for the first Eurostat and UN joint data collection, which was carried out in 2014.

Alma Rutkauskiene

Expert in Business Statistics, Business Register and Price Statistics, Alma Rutkauskiene holds a Master degree in Economics from the Vilnius University, Lithuania. Former Head of Unit of Enterprise Statistics of Statistics Lithuania, she joined Sogeti in 2013 after a five-year-experience at Eurostat. Within the Statistical Office of the European Union, she worked on the design and implementation of the Programme for Modernisation of European Enterprise and Trade Statistics (MEETS), which was run across the EU between 2009 and 2013 to reduce the reporting burden on enterprises and adjust Business Statistics to new needs. Her contribution to the project included both technical assistance (on new methods of production of Business Statistics) and management activities, as she coordinated the collaborative network of EU National Statistical Institutes on the use of administrative data on Business Statistics (ESSnet AdminData).

Of Lithuanian nationality, Alma speaks fluently English and Russian and is knowledgeable in French. As a contractor for Eurostat, she is currently working on a two-year-project on House Price Index, Owner Occupied Housing and Additional Real Estate Indicators as well as on a 12-months contract on Quality Indicators for International Trade Statistics. In the recent past, she contributed to the methodological debate on a new definition of enterprise for Business Statistics and worked on the development of Indicators for International Trade Statistics. As a short-term expert, she is currently assisting the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) in its effort to improve the Business Statistics production system.

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