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In capital markets

Sogeti’s Business Analysts delivered key improvements to a large European clearing organisation information system. They helped this organisation to:

  • Analyse and document requirements for settlement processes improvements and the use of investment fund shares/units as collateral;
  • Translate these requirements into functional specifications; and
  • Deliver the relevant system improvements.
In asset management

Sogeti’s Business Analysts successfully helped a major asset manager to achieve compliance with the UCITS IV Key Investor Information Document (or “KIID”) requirement. They helped this organisation to:

  • Clarify the regulatory requirements surrounding the KIID;
  • Implement the necessary processes to gather the KIID-related data;
  • Deliver key improvements in existing system in order to store the KIID-related data;
  • Achieve a more efficient registration information management; and
  • Design and implement new processes for the fund KIIDs and prospectuses management.
In the banking industry

Sogeti’s Business Analysts accompanied a large bank to migrate its securities accounting system from an in-house solution to a packaged solution provided by a third party. The helped this organisation to:

  • Analyse the gaps between the in-house and the target solutions;
  • Managed the relation with the third party provider and communicated improvements and custom developments required by the bank; and
  • Tested the proper integration of the packaged solution into the bank’s information system.
In the insurance industry

Sogeti’s Business Analysts helped a large European insurer to bring its insurance policies management processes from multiple systems under a single standardised model. They helped this organisation to:

  • Analyse existing processes and identify key adaptations required in order to migrate to a common process;
  • Perform a complete gap analysis between legacy applications and the standardised process; and
  • Document the target business processes to implement.

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