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System-focused Business Analysts:

They are delivery experts. They ensure that features added into your information system match your organisation’s expectations and needs. They will help you to:

  • Analyse current capabilities and pinpoint opportunities for improvement;
  • Identify and formalise business requirements;
  • Propose solutions to achieve the identified goals;
  • Seek agreement on and specify the solution;
  • Support development teams;
  • Ensure the reliability and correctness of the delivered solution through testing; and
  • Accompany your organisation before and after the solution go-live.

Our Business Analysts have varied experiences under different project management structures (from Agile to the common waterfall and V models). Our most experienced BAs can even take on the responsibility of project manager to deliver the solution your organisation requires.

Process or Functional Business Analysts:

They can tackle purely functional issues and take action at different levels in your organization. They will help you to:

  • Analyse, clarify and document regulatory requirements;
  • Review, document processes in your organisation and propose improvements;
  • Perform business-oriented analysis (business cases, market segment analysis, etc.); and
  • Leverage their problem-solving skills to help you dissect a challenge your organisation is facing and draw a plan on how to address it.

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Our Offerings
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