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Business Analysis

Sogeti’s Business Analysts help your organisation to evolve in different ways, such as:

  • Adapt information systems: Business Analysts assist you in the delivery of new components into your information system (from the early requirements identification, the subsequent functional specification of the solution to its testing and live implementation). They may also help you review your current information system to identify potential improvements and synergies.
  • Rejuvenate operational processes and set up efficient operations: Business Analysts assist you in the setup of new processes and/or review your existing operations to identify weak points and potential inefficiencies. They propose improvements and solutions to achieve your goals and then lead their implementation.
  • Untangle regulatory requirements: Business Analysts help you to identify, understand and prioritise regulatory requirements. They assist you during the delivery of new processes, applications and reports to achieve regulatory compliance.  
  • Accompany organisation through change: Independently of the challenge, Business Analysts help you to navigate through changes. They can help you to make a case for a change you wish to conduct or assist you to explain the change inside your organisation. Finally, they provide training and support during the transition.

Why Sogeti’s BAs?

Our strength is our IT DNA: Sogeti is the leader in IT services in Luxembourg, especially towards the financial sector. Our Business Analysts combine a strong understanding of IT issues with key business and functional knowledge. They will provide you pragmatic and efficient solutions, fitting your organisation and information system.

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    Francois Reimeringer
    Expert Leader B.I.
    +352 31 44 01
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