Big Data

Our services are targeted to specific needs of the different organizations wishing to harvest data previously unreachable through traditional means. Our solutions combine industry knowledge with best-in-class implementations and delivery models.

Our Portfolio

Big Data strategic roadmap
Your benefits: Clear direction and support for emerging Big Data technologies and frameworks.

Your benefits: A cost effective and smart way to investigate/prove if Big Data and Analytics will work for your company. This offering gives you an understanding of how you will be able to leverage structured, semi-structured and unstructured data within and outside your company in a small scale validation implementation, either onsite or offsite.

Big Data use case framework
Your benefits: Ability to take advantage of a high volume, a velocity and a variety of data to develop new, previously difficult to achieve, insights into streaming and unstructured data that will constitute significant elements to facilitate the decision-making process.

Big Data architecture and its alignment to existing DW/BI setup
Your benefits: Ability to query and manage a high volume of data efficiency in a cost effective way, while understanding how Big Data will and plays an important part in your existing DW/BI program. It will also clearly set the steps needed towards a Big Data Analytics future for your program.

Internet of Things implementation
Your benefits: Looking for an IOT vendor? Look no further than Sogeti. We provide a one-stop shop on hardware, simulations, embedded testing and the Big Data capabilities you need to be successful with your implementation.

Implementation of Hadoop technologies
Your benefits: Set yourself apart with an implementation of a Big Data stack that will give you the benefit of reduced costs for storing and managing data while taking you to the next step of being able to combine various sources into actionable insights.

Why Sogeti

We have intellectual capital, experience and accelerators across the full spectrum of Big Data solutions and technologies, including our own Data Scientist and Statistics Lab. Sogeti offers you the optimal blend of onsite, offsite and offshore resources mix for Hadoop implementation. With our BI Service Center offer, we help you mature and increase your possibilities in the Big Data space by being innovative. Our other offers such as Testing, Cyber Security, Cloud and Mobile will enable us to help you improve the BI services you need for your business. We are also proud to demonstrate our relationship with several Big Data partners to make your solution work for you. 

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