Master Data Management

Master Data Management

A single version of truth is assured through our MDM services and helps to enhance your Customer Experience.

Master Data Management – Enhance your Customer Experience

Data is often stranded on information islands scattered arcross the organization within departmental applications,because of this, the business juggles with different versions of the truth about unique customers, suppliers, sales or product information.

Master Data Management (MDM) can help you pin down a single version of truth, so you can provide a consistent customer experience across channels, settle invoices and bills in time and make your audits more efficient.

Our comprehensive suite of Master Data Management services ranges from Vision Building – Strategy & Roadmap, Implementation and Maintenance. We also provide Data Quality Assessment, Data Governance strategy, Tool Evaluation and Selection.

How We’re Different

Our talent pool, experience across a range of Analytics platforms and accelerators help us deliver your analytics goals at speed.


Kelly Services – Employee Onboarding Automation


Kelly Services

Client challenge

Kelly Services, Inc, an American office staffing company that operates globally, needed to create a consolidated, reliable, and flexible Multi-Domain MDM that delivers a “single version of truth” for Customer, Vendor, Talent , to reduce operational costs, simplifying IT operations and maintenance.

How we made value

Sogeti came up with a Strategy Roadmap for MDM implementation and identified 6 Potential MDM domains. We helped with the selection of tools and worked closely with Informatica in the setup of Environments. We provided real-time integration to “Search Customer before create” and eliminated duplicate customer creation. We also enabled access to a Data Steward to maintain multiple hierarchies via Informatica Data Director.

Sogeti impact

The results were 99.99% accuracy in identifying duplicates using MDM match rules. We eliminated 18% of duplicate customer records as part of MDM Initiative and consolidated core business entities across source systems within the organization and stored it in a single MDM framework to obtain the best version of truth). Most importantly Sogeti improved productivity and reduced operational costs.

Kelly Services


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Sogeti brings an integrated approach with domain , technology and project management capabilities to deliver single version of truth.


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Pascal Loosveldt
Pascal Loosveldt
Practice Leader European Institutions Luxembourg, Data Management & Analytics, Sogeti Luxembourg

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