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Our passion for technology puts us in the forefront when it comes to thought leadership around technology innovations and the impact they have. To share our knowledge we have created SogetiLabs and VINT which produce original research into the likely impact and innovative application of new technologies, trends and IT systems for organisations worldwide.

Below you can find a number of reports that have been produced by SogetiLabs and VINT:

How to win in Today's Era of Innovation?

Word Quality Report 2016-2017

Expert Article: Windows 10

And Also:

THINGS: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

VINT research report 3: The Fourth Industrial RevolutionPart three of VINT’s four part series on ‘Things’ focuses on ‘Things to Tighten the Link between IT and OT’. The report outlines how The Internet of Things plays a crucial role on how the physical world can become better equipped with capacities to distinguish and register situations and events. The report examines the three reasons for the manufacturing and process industry to embark upon the IoT adventure. Recommendations on how to speed up the IT-OT integration conclude the report.

Download "VINT Research 3: Things - The Fourth Industrial Revolution".


THINGS: Empathic Things

VINT Research 2: Empathic Things - Intimate Computing from Wearables to BiohackingSogeti’s global trend lab, VINT, provides the second report in a four part series on the Internet of Things, entitled “Empathic Things”. This study looks at the internet in, on and around the human body, and the impact for people and companies. VINT presents six categories of so-called “Empathic Things,” representing migrations of smart technology from handheld devices to the body itself. Read this report for the author's six recommendations for success in the new era of “empathic things.”

Download "VINT Research 2: Empathic Things - Intimate Computing from Wearables to Biohacking".


THINGS: Internet of Business Opportunities

VINT Research 1: Things: Internet of business opportunitiesThe first in the series of a four part research-program on the Internet of Things (IoT), co-authored by experts from Sogeti’s trend lad, VINT, “THINGS – Internet of Business Opportunities” focusses its attention on the realities of past expectations in practice, and predictions, from industry experts, that are shaping the way business is moving forward. The report addresses the forward movement in the technological social economy, while addressing a plethora of implications for business and consumers alike.

Download "VINT Research 1: Things: Internet of business opportunities".


The Dark Side of Social Media

The Dark Side of Social Media Alarm bells, analysis and the way outThis latest VINT report, written by Sander Duivestein, Trendwatcher New Media and Jaap Bloem, Research director both from the VINT Institute, exposes the impact of social media on our social behaviour. Problems with media are very diverse and have always existed, but the “social” and “mobile” intensity we observe today is definitely overkill.

Social media adoption is often considerably over 85 percent and has practically complete coverage in Chinese urban areas. The easy access through smart phones and other touch screen devices in particular causes a disproportionate call on people’s time and eats away our productivity. This report highlights how social media and the supporting technology may well gain the upper hand, and negatively affect us if not managed appropriately.

Download "VINT The Dark Side of Social Media".

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