Chief Sales Officer & Global Delivery Executive

"Between possible and impossible, two letters and a state of mind" (Charles de Gaulle)

A short introduction of what you do at Sogeti, your background and your career in the company

I've been working at SOGETI since 2005 as I started as a developer analyst. I then climbed the following levels: Analyst, Project Manager, Sales, Sales Manager Application Services, Sales Manager Luxembourg and since 2016 member of COMEX BeLux.
Today, my job is to manage the sales team in Luxembourg, to define the right Focus and to follow the KPIs along the water in order to achieve the objectives set by the group.

I am also in charge of the offshore development within SOGETI BeLux: the objective is to make the best use of the strength of the group (one team); Including our capabilities in India in order to provide our customers with more flexibility and agility; While being very competitive financially speaking. Each member of the board is also in charge of a transversal function in the company: I also have the responsibility to bring to the COMEX everything related to the BeLux Marketing actions

 What are you most passionate about in your area of ​​expertise?

My area of expertise is a set of element that passionate me. Among them there are:
- Communication
- The art of convincing
- All stages of the sales cycle (& associated selling techniques)
- Challenge / results oriented

 What is a typical workday for you?

No day is alike. Below an example of one day among others:
-I try to arrive before 9am depending on the traffic
-Management of the priorities defined above and update of my "to do list"
-Call with teams (Indian and Belgian colleagues)
-Steering of the activity of the current week: follow-up of the actions and definition of the Focus
-Communication with Sales team (support)
-Coaching Sales and customer support
-Back at home at the end of the day (time varies according to the cases to be dealt with) / I sometimes work from home in the evening in order to prepare meetings and / or calls the next day.

What makes the job for Sogeti different?

What I have always loved at SOGETI is everything that comes with "meritocracy": indeed, if we wish it, evolutions are possible and I am the perfect example of it.

Regarding SOGETI, the portfolio of our solutions is very broad and we can almost every time meet all the needs of our customers: this element is also very interesting (diversification in the work) at Sogeti.

  • Yannick Chrétien
    Yannick Chrétien
    Chief Sales Officer, Sogeti Luxembourg