05 March 2020, Luxembourg

Digital for Finance

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About Ideas in Action

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Ideas in Action is a unique event series for business and technology leaders who have a keen eye on the future – and a keener focus on what’s practically possible today. Choose from a mix of sessions covering both strategy and implementation, in which you can explore the impact of current and future trends and how to make new ideas a reality using existing and emerging technologies.


When: 05 March 2020, starts at 3:00 p.m.
Where: Sofitel Luxembourg (Kirchberg)

New technologies are transforming the digital landscape. In the finance world, FinTechs are one key indicator of the trending evolutions. The last report will be commented, also explaining the challenges of building a consistent ecosystem.

Innovations can also mean doing the same things, but with a disruptive technology bringing better ROI and time to market. We will explain by an example why Low-code platforms usage is on the rise.

AI is deeply linked to innovation in common belief. But what are the links with the social evolutions of our world ? How can technology address the deep human needs and shift to Digital Happiness?

In practise, how to use AI? What are the technologies, the different levels of AI? How to implement them to serve our business needs? This expertise sharing session will explore opportunities brought by AI.

Digital innovation in Finance

The financial industry is currently facing a dual FinTech challenge: FinTechs are struggling to scale their operations and banks are stalling on FinTech collaboration. As a result, industry players are looking to leapfrog beyond Open Banking towards Open X. The industry is moving towards a shared marketplace as the era of Open X will create an integrated marketplace, with specialized roles for each player that will enable a seamless exchange of data and services, improving customer experience, and expediting product innovation. Banks and other financial services ecosystem players must begin to plan accordingly and evolve their business models. During this keynote we will look further into the open ecosystem of the future and how it will feature emergent new roles that challenge traditional banking assumptions.

Key speaker: Robert Van Der Eijk, Managing Director Capgemini Invent Belux / Managing Director Belux

Low-code development platforms will shift gears

Software development will continue to drive innovation for enterprises for years . Besides traditional software development Low-code platforms are more and more strategically evaluated as enterprise wide platform choice. Low-code application development is a way of rapidly building apps with minimal manual coding. It replaces the time-consuming task of hand-writing code with a graphic visualization - like a flow chart - onto which developers drag and drop different elements. This simpler, faster way to build software speeds up innovation and time-to-market. But while many organizations are using low-code platforms to build a range of applications, there has been some reluctance to adopt low code for core and mission critical applications at enterprise level. Fears around scalability, security and workload capacity have been a barrier. Until now. Trust is growing and a greater uptake of low-code development, with more and more teams adopting low-code platforms is happening.

Key speaker: Daniel Laskewitz, Power Platform Lead, Sogeti Netherlands

The synthetic generation : insight and the latest updates on the new generation in relation to AI and digital happiness

The true challenge is to build AI-systems that create happy smiles on the faces for your customers and employees. The Digital Happiness project that we've started over two years ago shows that breakthrough innovations will only work when it goes hand in hand with social reinvention. Come and learn more about what the bottom-line is of becoming customer centric and why synthesizing the world with AI pushes us into the direction of real purpose and human needs.

Key speakers: Mark Oost, Global CTO Analytics & AI Services, Sogeti Netherlands & Thijs Pepping, Trend Analyst, SogetiLabs Research Institute

Behind the pretty face of AI

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) is the theme for 2020 when it comes to the IT-driven business development that is happening in our operations. There has been talk of information- and insight-driven companies for some time now, and here in this is an increasing focus. Information is said to be the new currency, and now it's time to convert it to value! How do you do, what lessons can we learn, and how to find the right thing in the AI ​​jungle? And above all, how do you get started, is there a kickstart for AI? What is AI, really? We share more of our accumulated expertise and give you concrete advice on the way into the automated processes of the future. Examples of the reality where business benefits have been a guiding star are intertwined with technology's new possibilities with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cognitive Services. Take part in our approach to drive change through the new opportunities the AI ​​area provides.

Key speaker: Mark Oost, Global CTO Analytics & AI Services, Sogeti Netherlands


14.30 – 15.00

Welcome & refreshments

Introduction to the event.

Robert Van Der Eijk

Digital innovation in Finance

Daniel Laskewitz

Low-code development platforms will shift gears

Coffee break

Mark Oost & Thijs Pepping

The synthetic generation: insight and the latest updates on the new generation in relation to AI and digital happiness

Mark Oost 

Behind the pretty face of AI

Close & Networking


Meet our Leading International Experts

Robert Van Der Eijk

Executive Vice President at Capgemini / Managing Director Capgemini Invent Belux / Managing Director Belux

Daniel Laskewitz

Power Platform Lead, Sogeti Netherlands

Stela Solar

Global Head of Artificial Intelligence Solutions at Microsoft

Thijs Pepping

Trend Analyst SogetiLabs Research Institute

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Yannick Chretien
Chief Sales Office, Sogeti Luxembourg
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