Machine Intelligence

Business Intelligence Analyst, Project Manager

"The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles."

A short introduction of what you do at Sogeti:

I feel like this big multilevel juncture connecting Sogeti with the Client, developers and testers with business concepts, Users with innovations and last but not least Client’s ideas with reality but most of all with explorative alternative solutions.

Tell us a bit about your background:

I was a particular kid, preferring team building with my Brother involving Lego technics and strategic games rather than playing with dolls. Helping my Mum in preparing school plans was another kind of “Battleships” or “Sudoku” game for me - “Put for class 6a, Thursday, 3rd lesson, Polish”. Although She was the mastermind standing behind the whole process, it certainly gave me some ideas on how de-puzzling a bigger picture may look like.

Having a flair for maths and languages I went on with simultaneously mastering those fields (International Economics and Applied Linguistics), which in turn allows me now to freely translate between numerical exact sciences and abstract concepts standing behind them.

Not being particularly motivated by working with money per se, somehow finance still managed to glue my attention. I agree with the saying that money doesn’t bring happiness, equally as with addition that how it is spent makes the whole difference. I've found banking lending possibilities and conditions for obtaining the access to finance intriguing and I’ve been enriching my knowledge about credit instruments and credit management process flow since then, among others taking part in the "Generation Young Bank Forces" advanced rotational training programme in BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. In 2014 I came to Luxembourg to more thoroughly examine various risks and obstacles accompanying global market players, depending on their structural characteristics as well as geopolitical background, as an Intern in the Policy & Strategy Division under Economics Department in the European Investment Bank. My input for the semi-annual reports on Bank Lending Survey & Credit Guarantee Schemes in the CESEE region strengthened joint conclusions drawn among others with NBP, WB and IMF. Straight after the internship Sogeti stole me from the labour market.

My career at Sogeti:

I was originally contacted by Sogeti to join my current project in the European Investment Fund. On the final interview, however, it came up I know several languages so in the end I was asked to start with helping to launch a multinational project in Eurostat (European Commission). It was a bit of a surprise at first, but I'm extremely happy I agreed, as there's no other experience comparable to working with Eurobase. What innocently started with simple User data support, promotional activities and occasional trainings run abroad, relatively fast turned into profound research as well as quality control of the presented datasets, including preparation of proposals for further substantial and structural improvement of the Eurobase. Being both creative and strongly convinced that the best policies are based on solid investigation and comprehensive set of data, I’ve devoted to it the rest of my first year at Sogeti.

Throughout my ongoing challenge in EIF, my position again quite rapidly evolved from providing support and document revision into being an active driver designing future shape and architecture of the underlying frameworks as well as drafting technical specifications and User manuals clarifying enhanced methodologies to various parties involved. Governing over SAS based Debt Monitoring & Treasury applications as well as the Team, I'm currently ensuring adequate reporting of the lending peculiarities for the broad financial spectrum of the EIB group, at the same time expanding my knowledge about big data analysis, product development as well as cloud and project management. Having a pleasure to join a narrow groups of Top1 last year and SogetiLabs this year, I'm looking forward to bite into the Applied Innovation Exchange.


What are you most passionate about in your area of expertise?

Only after getting experience in Sogeti I truly understood the meaning of the expression “Better is the enemy of good”. In the broad sea of fancy technologies growing on the market like mushrooms after rain, in order not to feel rather like in a deep dark forest - selectivity and assertiveness play important role. Even the fanciest newest world’s biggest wonder might be useless if it doesn’t create value to the business.

Having this in mind, innovation and improvement are still my natural driving forces, as I’m not afraid to question the status quo or look outside the box for solutions to encountered problems. I like to challenge myself and others to reach the unreachable stars according to the motto sky is the limit.

Some colleagues call me “tricky case”, other say I’m bridging or that paths in my mind are undiscovered. I’d like to think I use algorithmic thinking to distinguish marginal situations everybody forgot about or nobody thought would happen and they should not. It broadens the spectrum of possible solutions and at the same time significantly speeds up debugging process, as a result making things not only work, but work really well.


What is a typical workday like for you?

I don’t think any day looked like the other so far, which is one of the reasons I like what I do. I’m not a fan of monotonous repetitive work so I encourage and challenge my Team to reach for innovative tools that may seem more complex at first sight but at the end of the day create easier ways to approach our tasks not only significantly simplifying our lives but also making work environment much more interesting.

My responsibilities vary from project management and reporting, through analyzing incoming products and improvements as well as suggesting more optimal solutions, designing test scenarios, verifying test results and testing myself, ending on guiding Users through the applications we govern.

Since the environment changes literally constantly and we run the project in a quite agile way, open mind, critical analysis and prioritization is a valuable set of keys opening every day series of doors to the successful progress and innovation. That is also why our scrum meeting in the morning is probably the only element which could win the nomination in the category routine of the day.


What makes it different to work for Sogeti?

Sogeti is a company big enough to enable taking part in challenging international projects with top experts from all around the world as well as to provide all sort of possibilities for self-development and shaping our labour market personality. It slowly moves from following recent global innovation trends to actually shaping them. At the same time it creates a particular cozy family-like atmosphere, where experience sharing does not end inside the working hours. Not because of the overload, but because of the people, who are not rat race oriented. Due to a pretty flat structure, there's nobody you want to jump over or compete against, but simply be outstanding in whatever you're doing.


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    Anna Jolanta Dudkowska
    Business Intelligence Analyst, Project Manager
    +352 31 44 01
About Anna Dudkowska

Job Title: Business Intelligence Analyst, Project Manager

Date of Birth: 08/08/1986

Location: Luxembourg

Family: I hope to start one soon to break the workaholism and get company for my Tortoise

Hobbies: Volleyball, languages, dance and music