Workshop: Trusted Smart Statistics. Policymaking in the age of the IoT

Trusted Smart Statistics

Workshop: Policymaking in the age of the IoT

From 30 till 31 January 2019, DESTATIS organizes a workshop Trusted Smart Statistics : Policymaking in the age of the IoT at the Hotel Dorint Palace (Wiesbaden). As a recognized authority in the field, Sogeti co-organizes this event.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the new opportunities related to the production of trusted smart statistics in the age of the IoT. Nowadays, there is increasingly more data available that is generated outside the statistician’s traditional field of designing surveys or censuses. Even if we include data from administrative sources, there is still more data generated from the use of smart devices and smart technologies in our datafied society.

This “data generation” revolution represents a unique opportunity to satisfy users’ needs by offering extended statistics of different granularity and alternative insights into the society, the economy and the environment. At the same time new questions arise: are these insights reliable? How can we ensure that they are fit for purpose? Can they be trusted?

It is challenging to build statistics and generate knowledge using these data. Therefore,  statisticians have a responsibility and an obligation to reinforce the role of official statistics in this new era. Statisticians must inspire trust amongst citizens, businesses and governments by producing credible information. This information must be robust enough to be used as a basis for policy-making, must be solid enough to be used as evidence, and must be communicated clearly enough to be comprehensible. Statisticians need to embrace this opportunity and join the efforts being made to produce trusted smart statistics in a datafied society.

At the same time, official statisticians need to make partnerships with private data holders to harness new data and innovate faster. In the coming years, Eurostat will continue to play a central role in this domain. We will continue engaging in and encouraging transparency and innovation with the aim of integrating in official statistics the new data ecosystem that is flourishing around us.

This workshop will certainly not provide all the answers to our questions but many of these points will occupy our agenda in the future. We look forward to building the necessary conditions that will lead to the creation of universally trusted, European smart statistics.


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Date: 30-31 January 2019


Hotel Dorint Pallas
Auguste-Viktoria-Straße 15
65185 Wiesbaden

5 min walking distance from Wiesbaden Hbf /central

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