IT Son of God

IT Son of God

Does God really exist? What if, one day, IT could finally answer this? Before addressing this cloudy question, let’s go back to earth.

While working, evolving and writing on a daily basis on IT and innovation, I’m also a human being (really, I swear). Inhabited by strong humanitarian convictions, the doubts emerging from metaphysical questions tickle the IT forties that I am.

Since the Stone Age, Humans momentum goal has always been to live a longer and easier life. In the last century, to understand and explain the past, Humans started with the use of statistics. Nowadays, with IT to ease the present, but for what? Enjoying a longer life. Looking up weather forecasts to prepare outside events like a barbecue is obvious to everyone today. But what about…

Predicting any risk, any damage, and any accident… any death in the next decade!

Exploiting Big Data coming from any connected device (when digital coverage is fully 100% on earth), running mega-datacenters to process this huge amount of data as fast as a twinkling of an eye, enjoying domotics and robots in our daily life… global AI getting more and more accurate and pertinent, day after day, case after case over the world… are we getting closer and closer to completely be the master of our fate? If so, is God still needed? Hell no!

Let me tell you what I think about that

The global proliferation of robots, domotics, biometry, artificial organs and AI will definitely change the human conditions: life expectancy, human aspirations, and beliefs about labor, money, education, politics power, religion… If we, as humans, find a real sense of meaning to life, so yes, thanks to IT we’ll be able to be finally free. On the other hand, negligibly playing with fire, our essence can irremediably drive humanity to chaos, even extinction.

Thanks GOD! IT came to us

Thank God! IT came to us

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    Kamel Abid
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