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Our Cloud Offerings - An Overview

Through our six Cloud offerings and our Alliance-related solutions we can assist you in every step of the way on your jouney into the Cloud.

Cloud for Social

Stimulating collaboration and innovation internally and across your ecosystem is a must. CIOs need to adapt their IT infrastructure and processes to enable social interactions and encourage your employees to communicate, work together, share knowledge and discover information.

Sogeti has been helping companies in inspiring, developing and implementing collaboration solutions (such as Sogeti Social Intranet) to make a swift transition from a traditional, top-down and communication-driven intranet to a more interactive and social intranet: an intranet where the knowledge finds its user.

Cloud for Mobile / Digital Services

Growing mobile usage (Smartphones and tablets) is transforming how business operates, internally and across their supply-chain and even more important with their customers. Cloud becomes the only way to cope with an ever increasing demand for storage and computing power, cost efficient and accessible everywhere.

Sogeti is a pioneer in delivering state of the art digital and mobile applications with full back-end integration to leading global customers. Recognizing everyone’s unique needs, we offer our expertise and services through incremental and modular delivery models. We can provide you with per-device-payment model for better cash flow.

As your Enterprise Mobility Orchestrator, Sogeti provides solutions that guide you from Mobile Opportunity to competitive advantage, while leveraging the Cloud to maximize scalability and availability

Cloud for BI & Analytics – Big Data

The ability to leverage internal and external data will be the single main differentiator between leaders and the rest of the market. “Internet of things” grows more pervasive and generates huge amount of data that can fuel product development and service innovation if done well. But analyzing and mobilizing data is costly. Cloud is the easiest way to tackle this challenge and guarantee scalability and cost efficiency.

Sogeti is developing specific BI solutions such a Sogeti Sentiment Analyzer leveraging the Cloud with its partners and is progressing towards full Cloud enablement of all its BI & A offerings.

Cloud for Internet of Things

Mobile technology has taken another giant leap in what is arguably the biggest disruptive innovation since Cloud. Everyday objects such as glasses, watches, clothes, shoes, furniture and more are being made "smart" with embedded sensors, giving rise to the phenomenon called the "Internet of Things" or IoT.

Such insights can only be extracted using Big Data technologies, and cloud solutions will be an essential partner to this. Sogeti uses Cloud Technologies and solutions to sustain the need of a flexible and a grow-as-you-go features in infrastructure environment in this area.

Cloud Testing Platform

Sogeti and Capgemini’s world-leading dedicated testing practice, with over 9,500 test professionals and years of expertise in innovative, business-driven quality assurance practices and testing services along with Capgemini’s 40 years of experience in data center services, at the forefront of bringing cloud computing to the enterprise with a rich portfolio of scalable, dependable cloud-based computer and storage services to thousands of end-users.

Cloud Security

Sogeti is well aware that security can be a barrier to moving to the Cloud. We have one of the most advanced security practice in the IT market, from GRDC (Governance, Regulation, Compliance) to Managed Services (Security Operation Centers). We leverage our long experience in securing our clients’ Cloud Infrastructure to deliver you the best solution across your IT environment. Our Security Experts will help you guarantee secured access, data sovereignty, and compliance with local regulations.

The Cloud with IBM

As IBM extends its technology offerings through strategic acquisitions, Sogeti ensures that its teams delivers unique expertise on IBM’s comprehensive portfolio, to bring best-in-class solutions to our clients.

  • SoftLayer: Unified architecture with common management and programming interface combining bare-metal servers, public cloud instances and private cloud deployments into distributed hybrid architectures
  • IBM PureFlex: a complete infrastructure system including integrated chassis, compute nodes, storage and networking, with the ability to sense and anticipate resource needs to optimize infrastructure

The Cloud with Microsoft

Sogeti partner closely with clients, guiding them to the best cloud solutions for their business and helping them realize the benefits faster. We have significant experience in delivering the entire range of Microsoft public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions. We have performed over the last years global enterprise Office 365 and Azure migrations, large Application Development and Test in Azure, mobile application multi-factor authentication, StorSimple & Azure Storage implementation, and much more.

  • Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Sogeti provides Windows Azure environments (IaaS, PaaS) in an open and flexible Public cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications.
  • Testing and development Platform-as-a-Service: Sogeti provides a One-stop shop. We develop, test, run your apps as a service on Azure.
  • Microsoft Cloud OS: Sogeti has a strong knowledge on the different Microsoft products and can support you building your own Private Cloud.