Innovation is in the core of our business. Every day, every hour, every second. We stay on the top of our toes, leaning forward, with the goal to constantly educate our people and bring them together to create innovative thoughts and solutions for the benefit of our clients. Why? Because we know that our clients and employees crave innovation.

So let’s walk the talk and share 3 examples of that we do to always have one foot in the future.

Already in 1994 we created our global trend lab VINT, keeping an eye on the latest trends and innovative technology researching about the impact these will have on companies, society and individuals. VINT collaborates with a board of customers reviewing and contributing to our research programs. The result? A large and growing number of thought leadership material, shared in the VINT blogreports and publications. A true source of inspiration.

Through our global SogetiLabs initiative you can also interact with our close to 100 top technology leaders. Every day they blog and tweet on hot topics, sharing tips and trick, engaging you into crowdsourcing with the goal to inspire you. This community, consisting of experts from around our 15 Sogeti countries, is always close to you and is the perfect first contact with us regardless if you are a client or a potential employee.

In addition our experts share their expertise in global, national and local events across the world where you can meet us and discuss and find solutions to your technology and IT related challenges.

Sogeti Executive Summit
With a constant eye on the horizon, predicting the future that innovative technology can bring, Sogeti invites clients from around the world to a top management event once a year called the Sogeti Executive Summit.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to Sogeti. 

  • Hubert Beaucarne
    Hubert Beaucarne
    Director Sogeti Belgium
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