The art of software report 2023

The art of software: The new route to value creation across industries

As the global economy enters a software-led, digital era, software has gone from a good-to-have tool to a key asset for competitive success and value creation.


In this Capgemini Research Institute report, The art of software: The new route to value creation across industries, we look at how organizations can utilize software-driven transformation to capture today’s opportunities.

Organizations everywhere are exploring how they can fit into the new reality being shaped by software. Technologies such as generative AI, machine learning, 5G, and cloud have a transformative impact. Looking further into the future, it’s also clear that every company, irrespective of industry, will have to essentially become a software company to survive, with a software-driven transformation being the first step in this transition.

However, to first achieve a software-driven transformation, organizations will need to overcome the challenges of remodeling core aspects of how they operate, both in terms of product/service engineering and organizational structure. To this end, we lay out in this report the six key pillars of a successful software transformation for organizations to follow, describing each in depth.

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