Creative and generative AI

Report from the Capgemini Research Institute.

Generative AI is becoming an integral part of many people’s personal and working lives for activities traditionally thought exclusive to the human mind, such as generating content and brainstorming. In our latest Capgemini Research Institute report, Why consumers love generative AI, we explore the potential of generative AI as well as its reception by consumers and their hopes around it.

But first, what is generative AI? Fundamentally, generative AI models have the capability to learn the properties and patterns of data for a wide range of applications – from creating text, images, and videos in different styles to generating personalized content, enabling machines to perform creative tasks that could previously only be completed by people. The different types of generative AI have a range of use cases across text, image and video, audio, chatbots, and search.

But, even with generative AI’s huge transformative potential, there are areas of concern that organizations, consumers, and regulators will need to work together to navigate. These include a high level of consumer trust in generative AI, which can sometimes be misplaced and leave consumers vulnerable to threats in areas such as security, privacy, and misinformation.  

Despite these potential downsides, it is clear that the impact of generative AI will be enormous. Its mass adoption by consumers in an unprecedented time frame is an indicator of the technology’s usefulness in many areas. At the same time, protective mechanisms will be important, in addition to reasonable caution. As consumers continue their journey with generative AI, it will be up to all of us, including organizations and regulators, to ensure that its full potential is utilized in a positive way.

Download the report to find out more about how consumers have received generative AI and how their interaction with the technology can develop going forward.


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