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Migration to Windows 10

Highlights from Sogeti & Microsoft #ExpertEvent

Sogeti and Microsoft held a special event on March 3rd, to present their common vision of the Migration to Windows 10. OS's new features, evolution of security strategy and mobility of users, Sogeti experts have introduced Luxembourg’s top companies and institutions to a whole new Smart WorkSpace. Highlights :

Empower organizations to achieve more

"Organizations are changing and so is Sogeti" starts Eric de Saqui. Sogeti BeLux's CEO points accurately the agile mindset of the n°1 IT company in Luxembourg. On the other hand Candi Carrera, Microsoft Luxembourg's Country Manager focused on the Redmond’s firm worldview : “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”. Facing them, the audience : thirty companies representing major Luxembourg private corporations and public institutions.

The migration : quick, effective, with minimum impact on Business daily activity

Nowadays, the WorkSpace is changing and progressively enters a post-pc era. Kamel Abid and Jean – François Degoutin, Expert Leader and Senior Consultant at Sogeti, took the lead to present the added value of Windows 10 for corporations. In Luxembourg, Sogeti is leading the Windows migration market since Windows 7, ensuring efficient services for major private firms as well as local and European public institutions.

Windows 10 is the last version of Windows. There won’t be any 11, 12, etc. only a constant update flow enabling to fit business latest needs and developments.  Sogeti consultants can now operate a desktop migration to Windows 10 within an hour and ensure efficient projects, with minimum impact on business activity.

Go for a SMART WorkSpace

The WorkPlace is transforming. People have multiple devices and work from anywhere. In the same time, security threats have never been so important. Windows 10 is here and it’s an important leap forward for businesses, combining security of systems and data with mobility of users. But there is more. Sogeti has developed SMART WorkSpace, a set of digital transformation solutions for migrating your business to a cloud-based, mobile-enabled and multi-device platform.

For more insights on this topic, please find below the content presented during the event.

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