Monitoring services

6 reasons to monitor your activity

Save time and energy for value-added projects

Sogeti BeLux deploys monitoring solutions to help you moving forward onto your technological path. Our methodology ensures you an efficient use of your resources as well as a strong competitive advantage on your market. Stéphane Nassoy, Could Architect at Sogeti, resumes monitoring’s main strengths :

1. Get a live-stream of your IT systems

Monitoring is a supervision and measurement tool applied to your computing services. Without supervision, your information systems blindly operate and minor issues quickly become potential disasters.

2. The right information, to the right person

Monitoring solutions provide strategic indicators to relevant policy makers within your structure, in order to support short and long-term decision-making processes. Remember that IT’s supervision should be implemented with a strategic focus to maximize efficiency

3. Monitor to forecast

Supervision underlines your systems’ strengths and weaknesses. You get a straight vision of each department’s needs to ensure efficient investments on a long-term basis.

4. Foster your business

A set of relevant indicators generates higher quality services on a daily manner, an investment for internal reputation and marketplace fame.

5. Transversal communication tool

Based on an easy-to-understand reporting process, IT teams are able to explain resource allocation and added value for the company’s core activity. Monitoring solutions ensure easier relations between technical and financial departments, contributing to a bottom-up communication approach.

6. Free your team

… from recurring maintenance tasks. Regular checks and ongoing management occupy  1 out of 5 days of an administrator’s week. Saved time and energy can now be invested to run projects adding value to your business activity.

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