• 13.00 - 13.45: 2 parallel sessions
    • Company: Trendmicro
    • Title: Combating cybercrime within your organization – 5 tips to protect your company’s crown jewels
    • Speaker: Patrick Dalvinck, VP Continental Europe 
    • Abstract: In today’s changing threat landscape, organizations are constantly faced with new security challenges. Security professionals are required to deal with ever changing user behavior, evolutions in SDN and the rise of targeted attacks. This puts security on the CIO’s agenda. How can you win the Cyber Security battle by balancing risk with agility and control. Discover 5 tips you can use to define your future proof security strategy.
    • Companies: Sogeti and Microsoft
    • Title: Improving information and collaboration security with Office 365 SharePoint
    • Speakers: Wim de Groote, ECM Expert Leader Sogeti Belgium and Vincent Dal, Technology Advisor Microsoft Belgium
    • Abstract: As your organization moves from SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online, Microsoft takes care of managing updates, patches, operations and more for you. As a result your IT staff is freed from many chores. This presents a unique opportunity for them to invest their time into leveraging the security features of Office 365. Learn about information policies, permissions management, auditing content access and quickly revoking permissions to users who have left their role or organization. Learn how Sogeti can help you manage your Office 365 environment in a cost effective way with managed services. We'll round off with a look into advanced features such as options to lock down Word documents wherever they travel with Rights Management, options for fraud detection with eDiscovery, new data loss prevention features coming in SharePoint 2016 and security for SharePoint Apps.


  • 13.45 - 14.30: 2 parallel sessions
    • Company: Cyberark
    • Title: Privileged account exploitation – the point of no return
    • Speaker: Gil Fromovitch, Account Executive Belgium & Netherlands
    • Abstract: Recent advanced attacks such as Sony Pictures, will be deconstructed to demonstrate the ‘privilege escalation cycle’, identifying the main steps an attacker takes to exploit these accounts and traverse the network undetected. The analysis of this model provides organizations a basis on which to build sound defense strategies.
    • Company: Sogeti
    • Title: Application Security Testing
    • Speaker: Vincent Laurens
    • Abstract: Taking as background that more successful attacks happened through the Application layer, than through the Infrastructure layer, transforming a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) into a Secure SDLC is becoming key! New threats are emerging. This phenomena rises thanks to the development of Social Apps and Mobile Apps. Entering in a systematic testing approach, from a Security Standpoint is a must to limit Brand Image issues, Data theft or illegal use of your systems.The session will focus on how to apply Security Best Practices in your SDLC in order to address the right challenge


  • 14.30 - 14.45: Key-note HP 
    • Title: New style of IT
    • Speaker: Stephane Lahaye, Managing Director HP Luxembourg
    • Abstract: Details will soon be communicated


  • 14.45 - 15.30: Key-note Microsoft
    • Title: Trustworthiness of public cloud 
    • Speaker: Bruno Schroder
    • Abstract: Trustworthiness of the public cloud, better qualified as the Hyper Scale Cloud, is achieved only when 3 metrics are green: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. With tens of millions of business users and over a billion of individual users, this can only be achieved by deep automation based on the right design constraints and on proper engineering technique. Fortunately, these metrics are not contradictory. The keynote will focus on the confidentiality and Integrity requirements. It will highlight the design and operating principles of the Hyper Scale Cloud as implemented by Microsoft and will show how it allows all its users to achieve, and demonstrate, compliancy with the security and confidentiality requirements of today’s organizations.


  • 16.00 - 16.45: 2 parallel sessions 
    • Company: Fortinet
    • Title: Security in the Software Defined “IT”
    • Speaker: Ronen Shpirer
    • Abstract: The ongoing adoption of virtualization and the growing acceptance and consumption of cloud-based services are changing enterprises’ IT infrastructure. While this “cloud revolution” provides clear and substantial business and operational benefits, it brings a fundamental change to the way IT is thought, deployed and consumed.This presentation will provide a glimpse into the today’s enterprise Software Defined “IT” and its impact on security considerations.
    • Company: Sogeti
    • Title: Myths, Trends & Thoughts on Security
    • Speaker: Vincent Laurens
    • Abstract: You will be hacked! But it’s OK. Cybersecurity threats are growing on a global scale. However, using gamification and next generation technology can bring new way of fighting against hacking attempts.The session will focus on exiting Myths and New trends on how to raise the Awareness.


  • 16.45 - 17.30: 2 parallel sessions
    • Company: Checkpoint
    • Title: Security for the virtual Datacenter
    • Speaker: Frederick Verduyckt
    • Abstract: Modern datacenters need to be agile, dynamic and ready to respond to new services.To prevent modern threats from propagating in your datacenter, your security has the same requirements. Check Point’s SDP (Software Defined Protection) is the next logical evolution in Datacenter Security.
    • Security & Compliance - A lawyer's view
    • Speakers: Elisabeth Verbrugge and Antoon Dierick
    • Abstract: Antoon Dierick and Elisabeth Verbrugge, lawyers at DLA Piper with many years of experience in the field of the legal aspects of cybersecurity, will address following key topics: How security can accelerate your business? How to protect your assets and reputation? How you need or will need to comply with cybersecurity regulations? These key questions will be illustrated with real-life examples.


  • 18.30 - 20.00: Key-note Sogeti & IBM
    • Title: SMACS
    • Speakers: Moderator: Michiel Boreel / Speakers: Vincent Laurens, Erno Doorenspleet, Menno van Doorn & Franck Greverie 
    • Abstract: This is a double message. On the one hand, the developments around security and the threats, require a changed perspective on security. On the other hand, it is interesting to look at security from different perspectives: the hacker, the security specialist, the user/consumer and the business manager.




  • 13.00 - 14.30: 1st interactive session
    • Title: Bringing cloud solutions down to earth
    • Speaker: Peter de Tender
    • Abstract: Everybody’s talking about (Microsoft) cloud solutions, in such a way it can become a bit difficult to differentiate and understand the (in meantime many!) components within the Microsoft cloud solutions stack. If you want to get the details behind cloud buzz words like Office365, Azure, Intune, EMS, ASR,… and how many of these Microsoft cloud solutions can help your business take the next step… this is the session you need to attend. Besides just highlighting the different components, we will explain how they are more and more getting connected, on what layers security has been optimized as well as give you some live demos.


  • 16.00 - 17.30: 2nd interactive session
    • Title: Following a Hacker’s (Ethical) steps: Live Mobile Hacking
    • Speaker: Julien Vanel
    • Abstract: Following live a real hack on a next generation mobile device, the session will present interactively the concept of the Cybersecurity Kill Chain. Will you accept to be hacked ?!


  • Trendmicro - Combating cybercrime within your organization – 5 tips to protect your company’s crown jewels: DOWNLOAD
  • Sogeti and Microsoft - Improving information and collaboration security with Office 365 SharePoint: DOWNLOAD
  • Fortinet - Security in the Software Defined "IT": DOWNLOAD
  • Checkpoint - Security for the virtual Datacenter: DOWNLOAD



  • Bringing cloud solutions down to earth: DOWNLOAD


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