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“I did not take up this role. Rather, the role took me.” – Kamel Abid, Diversity & Inclusion SPOC, Sogeti Luxembourg

Born in Nice, French Riviera, and a father of three children, Kamel Abid has always loved being around people. He shares his thoughts on being appointed as the SPOC for Diversity & Inclusion at Sogeti Luxembourg.

Congratulations Kamel on this new role! Tell us about your thoughts on Diversity & Inclusion.
Kamel: Recently, I discovered that this topic has been a part of my life since my early childhood. I remember when I was five, in Nice, I used to meet people passing by the entrance of our building – old men and women. While holding this heavy door for them, I used to smile for them and chasing for a grin in return. Unconsciously, I wanted them to feel OK, to feel warm. And, as a reward, most of the time, I got the same feeling from them – a warm welcome!
For me D&I is not about principles. It is about how we behave in our daily routine. It is about welcoming other people, all people! It is about tackling our unconscious biases and understanding the effects they have on our way to interact with the others. It is also about how these biases raise strong emotions in us.


What will be your role as a Diversity & Inclusion SPOC at Sogeti Luxembourg?
Kamel: As a D&I SPOC for Sogeti Luxembourg, I would like to aggregate all the great energies that we do have within our workforce to foster Diversity & Inclusion - shaping an inclusive climate, not only within our walls but also all over our customers premises and beyond.

  • Supporting those who want to be active but don’t know where to start
  • Encouraging the active fellows and helping them however it is possible
  • Nurturing the momentum for a better place for living together

As you are aware that talent is one of our top group priorities. How do you look forward to contributing to this as a Diversity & Inclusion SPOC?
Kamel: Nowadays, IT businesses are facing a 30% turn-over worldwide. In Luxembourg, it has reached 38% in 2021. This allows me to analyse this as a positive opportunity for Sogeti Luxembourg with a strong engagement. Let me deep dive this in three steps.

  1. Today, more and more, people go for auto-determination, self-affirmation – looking to be willingly accepted as they are.
  2. Thus, the group they belong to must be also willing to welcome them as they are.
  3. If this is done, people will feel so warm and welcomed that they will unleash their energy and talent with no limits!

What does #GetTheFutureYouWant mean to you?
Kamel: It is about happiness! We shape today the future we want for tomorrow! Let me tell you a little story – it’s about my love for gardening.
In 2001, my brothers and I built a beautiful house for my mother in the north of Tunisia (700m from the sea). The sun can be really strong over there. And, we Mediterranean live outside most of the time. At that time, I had decided to plant a tree – not just an ordinary tree but a parasol pine. My concern while placing the tiny bush was calculating the correct position where we could get the largest shadow area. And, last spring, it was the first time my mother and I had our lunch under this big parasol pine! You cannot imagine how exalted I was by this cool atmosphere of this shadow. I got the future I dreamed about 20 years ago!


"I got the future I dreamed about 20 years ago!"

What made you take up this role?
Kamel: Honestly, I didn’t take this role. Rather, let’s say the role took me!

What do you like to do in your free time?
Kamel: I try to travel as much as I can – sometimes far from home, sometimes just exploring the surrounding areas for the x times! I try not to schedule and the let groove guide my steps!

What inspires and motivates you?
Kamel: Lectures, videos, trainings and MOOCs…but my biggest source of inspiration is YOU! All the people I meet in any place. I try to get something from each person I meet. Whether it’s words, way of speaking, or gestures. All these unsorted pieces of puzzles go into my mind, and then one day a nice idea pops out!

Thank you, Kamel for sharing and inspiring us with your thoughts and ideas. Wishing you all the very best for this role.



Kamel Abid
Kamel Abid
Solution Sales Specialist - Business Development Manager