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Mobile Solutions

Your Business. Always On.

Mobile solutions have become central to the way enterprises conduct their business, enabling customers and employees to be always-on and even powering the next wave of connected services—the Internet of Things.

From Mobile Opportunity to Business Advantage

We help enterprises harness mobile opportunities with customers, from marketing campaigns to sales transactions and customer service. A coherent “B2C” mobile strategy and execution creates opportunities to build brand awareness, enhance services, develop a fuller understanding of customer needs and reach new customers.

Employees today want mobile solutions that enable them to be always connected to any device in any location. Enterprise mobility results in accelerated processes, more flexible working practices, greater employee productivity and a workforce proud of its tools. We help clients with their “B2E” strategies to unleash and manage their employees’ potential.

Mobile Services

As mobile adoption grows, the business imperative for mobile business is clear. We provide six services that guide you through your journey to mobile business. We have been delivering mobile solutions at the forefront for a host of businesses. Recognizing everyone’s unique needs, we offer our expertise and services in one scalable framework.

Mobile Strategy
Define opportunities and approach to reach mobile customers and optimize mobile workers.

User Experience and Design
We combine UX/UI design skills with the ability to ensure that functions are tightly integrated with business objectives and front- and back-end hardware and software platforms.

Web and mobile development, customization and implementation that fit your mobile requirements.

Mobile Testing
A full range of testing solutions covering functional, compatibility, usability, performance and security testing on site or through our Mobile Testing Center of Excellence.

Mobile Security
From defining the appropriate security architecture and the implementation of it, to assessing your vulnerabilities and weak points.

Managed Mobility
Better manage your entire mobile portfolio through hosted Software-as-a-Service and device management options Platform-as-a-Service.

Underpinning our Mobile Solutions are a range of innovative, tried-and-tested products, approaches, and solutions that are committed to accelerating results with quick, affordable and low-risk implementation.

Fast Mobile Applications

Mobile applications development and testing have never been easier, thanks to Xamarin services. 

Our Enterprise Mobility Benchmark tool

Using a series of questions the Enterprise Mobility Benchmark tool evaluates our clients' enterprise mobility status and helps you determine what you need to do next. It benchmarks clients against their industry, shows the areas that need work, gives a score that can be steadily improved and even begins the process of building a roadmap.

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