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We see cybersecurity as an enabler, not a blocker. Our approach lets you unlock competitive differentiators to help you win customers and we have a complete portfolio and broad expertise to help you do this.

Cybersecurity - Making you safer in a connected world

Cybersecurity has never been more relevant. With the potential of crippling ransomware attacks security and risk management leaders need to be able to define and address risks and threats in a new digital environment. Protecting your company and customers through cybersecurity is a business critical priority. Complex technologies, emerging threats and tight regulatory compliance demands a partner with global expertise.

Our portfolio of cybersecurity services has been specifically designed for organisations aiming for digital transformation, securely. Our focus is to bring you the capabilities you need to protect that transformed business.

How? By providing the expertise and global capability to deliver risk analysis, compliance checks, vulnerability tests, implementation of cyber technologies and managed security services.

Making Cybersecurity a Competitive Advantage

High growth companies see information security as an enabler of new business opportunities. focus on supporting business resiliency and responding to cyberattacks, including ransomware, denial-of-service outages and other types of attacks. Use better information security as a competitive differentiator to help win customers.

Create more value from cybersecurity by designing in security from the start and use it as springboard. To support wider organization initiatives.



Our offerings


Compliance as a Service - Achieve continuous compliance and protection, effortlessly

We help you define, manage, and optimize your compliance processes so you can achieve:

  • Continuous compliance with a broad array of industry standards and regulations
  • Stringent governance
  • Effective risk management
  • Efficient monitoring and rationalization of internal controls
  • Process efficiency and optimization to avoid unforced errors
  • Higher productivity from internal staff
  • Reduced costs and optimized capital allocation
  • Continuous improvement in compliance and security-related processes
  • More informed decision making
  • Ability to embrace innovation and change

We offer three categories of CaaS services. Each category of services builds upon and adds value to the previous phase. Compliance as a Service offerings are delivered on-demand by compliance specialists at our Security Operations Centers in Luxembourg.

The net result: you can cut the cost, complexity, and heartburn of meeting compliance mandates while improving your organization’s security posture.

Our advantages

  • Deep compliance experience: Capgemini compliance specialists are highly trained, certified, and have the right experience, tools and technologies.
  • Industrialized services: Our services are industrialized from standardized processes, metrics and reporting, and we can meet your audit needs with consistent controls based on best practice frameworks and regulatory and industry requirements.
  • Sector-specific compliance and cybersecurity experience: Capgemini has the breadth and depth of skills to cover compliance and security requirements in virtually every industry and market segment.
  • Actionable threat intelligence: Our recommendations for improving your security posture are based on hard data points and multiple threat intelligence feeds collected and observed by our global network of SOCs.
  • Advanced automation: Our automated workflows accelerate core processes, giving the efficiency and flexibility to meet peak demand and fast-changing priorities.
  • Global scale : We deliver the compliance services you need, your way, anywhere in the world.


Cyberattack Simulation - The future of enterprise security is here 

What’s getting through your defenses?

Are you under attack? Organizational, procedural and technical weaknesses are opening the door to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. A lack of security resource and limited knowledge of the toolsets being deployed by criminals to bypass the controls put in place pose a very real security risk. Even with security controls in place to test vulnerabilities, the hackers, committed professional criminals are breaching defenses.

A real-world approach to the cyber threat

The more you know about the threat’s your organization faces, the less vulnerable you are to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. We give you that knowledge. A Cyber Attack Simulation exercise exposes both known and unknown vulnerabilities by putting enterprise defenses under the same duress as in the real and evolving threat landscape. Leveraging our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center Lab, our proven methodologies span multiple technologies and security control areas, from physical security to personnel and procedural security controls, to system and application-level penetration.

Getting into the minds of cyber attackers

We think like a cyber attacker. Our approach goes beyond traditional penetration testing, which often excludes the very tactics, assets, or locations most valuable to attackers. We use information that is open source and available publicly to understand an attacker’s point of view. This enables us to quickly identify the security gaps in how an organization’s most valued assets are being protected. We look at every attack surface because we know the real-world cyber criminal will target any vulnerability.

Understand your threat position

Arrange a confidential Cyber Attack Simulation exercise now.


Cybersecurity Consulting - Strategic and Operational Consulting Services 

Make Cybersecurity a Business Enabler in the Digital Enterprise.
With the growth in cyber attacks and data breaches costing business and the public sector millions every year, cybersecurity is high on the strategic agenda. Business leaders in both strategic and operational roles must answer vital questions:

  • Is it possible to combine digital transformation with acceptable risks (i.e. while moving to the Cloud)?
  • How do you transform your current IT security practices to be more data and customer-centric?
  • Are you compliant with security / privacy regulations and corporate policies?
  • Are your website, apps, data centres and data secured at best cost?
  • Are security staff sufficient and trained enough?
  • By putting in place proper cybersecurity assessments, your organisation can define the right strategy and transformation program to protect your sensitive data and assets.

Insight and strategy for effective cybersecurity and competitiveness
The more you know about your vulnerabilities and security controls, the more you can strengthen your organisation with effective procedures for governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Our cybersecurity consulting services give you insight into your security management with assessments of your sensitive data, critical infrastructures and applications. We work with you to define and implement the right strategy, target operating model and GRC structure. We ensure your security design and operations support your strategic objectives and business continuity. By planning ahead with a cybersecurity strategy as part of your digital transformation journey, you will be in a more confident position to stay compliant and achieve cost savings. Our roadmap are built upon a very consistent framework (incl. market standards, human factor and economics).

Proven global expertise helps you transform securely
We have deep experience in cybersecurity transformation across financial services, utilities, manufacturing, government, and other sectors. Our consultants build a complete picture of your cybersecurity status and provide a clear vision of how to implement outcomes of Insight & Strategy phase. Based on market standards and referential (ISO, PCI, CoBIT, ISF, etc.) we help our clients to increase risk control (security and privacy) throughout proper change management process including economics and staff professionalisation. to improve it. We partner with leading security vendors to ensure you benefit from the latest tools and technologies to safeguard your enterprise assets (IAM, SIEM, DLP, etc.).


Cybersecurity Defense Maturity Evaluation - Operationally focused Cybersecurity Assessment

Measure the effectiveness of your organization, capabilities and operations. Know where you stand so you can identify gaps and develop plans to increase effectiveness across the entire enterprise.

The most effective way to thwart targeted, sophisticated and persistent cyber threats is to have a mature cyber-defense program. Capgemini’s Cybersecurity Defense Maturity Evaluation measures an organization’s alignment to the Unified Enterprise Defense strategy across 13 key evaluation domains and sub-components, to quantify an organization’s cybersecurity defensive posture.

Capgemini’s Cyber Defense Maturity Evaluation is a repeatable benchmark of an organizations cybersecurity maturity.The evaluation integrates evidence-based approaches and frameworks such as ISO, NIST and CMMI into the Capgemini Unified Enterprise Defense strategy. This strategy drives a comprehensive evaluation for how an organization both protects and defends the enterprise through proper visibility and effective leverage of threat intelligence.


Built on our Unified Enterprise Defense Strategy

The Unified Enterprise Defense structure was developed by Capgemini to outline and characterize all of the important elements that an organization must develop and integrate cohesively, to have an effective strategy for protecting and defending an enterprise from all cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity maturity using a Unified Enterprise Defense Strategy

When it comes to cybersecurity maturity, organizations often find themselves straddling multiple levels in a cybersecurity maturity model. This model spans four major states; Foundational, Reactive, Proactive and Adaptive. Using these states as a measurement scale Capgemini’s Cybersecurity Defense Maturity Evaluation evaluates 13 domains with an emphasis on the following cybersecurity functions:

  • Emerging security capabilities – The enterprise has started to build out capabilities for foundational areas of security aligned to risk. Operations take place in a distributed manner, and a standardized model and consistent approach have not been defined and do not focus on network defense functions.
  • Defined security operations – The enterprise has a baseline of repeatable security operations and may have a dedicated team for network defense. Workloads are cyber response activities, preventing effective defensive operations. Threat intelligence may be leveraged in an ad-hoc capacity.
  • Integrated defensive operations – The enterprise has aligned both aspects of securing the enterprise and defending the enterprise into a well-defined industry model. Threat intelligence is integral to daily operations and feeds detective and defensive strategies.
  • Adaptive intelligence operations – The enterprise has established a mature cyber defense program. Operations continue to mature and adapt through automation efficiencies and partnerships as the threat landscape changes. Custom capabilities are established and threat intelligence managed to the degree that historical data trending enables the security organization to stay ahead of adversaries.

The output of the Cybersecurity Defense Maturity Evaluation enables an organization to focus its attention on specific cybersecurity gaps based on comparison to the benchmark itself, peer behaviors and the market in general. We deliver recommendations on how to address the exposed gaps and increase overall maturity.

Through the application of a repeatable and process driven collection of intelligence, the Cyber Defense Maturity Evaluation provides organizations an understanding of their existing cybersecurity posture, visibility to and providing a plan for addressing gaps along with a benchmark capability to continually measure their cybersecurity effectiveness.


  • Operationally focused – our recommendations provide immediate improvements
  • Detailed analysis – moving beyond “checkbox” compliance
  • Measuring effectiveness and benchmarking – both against your peers and the industry at large
  • Repeatable and adaptable methodology – shows year over year growth
  • Continuous evolution of benchmarks – reflects leading best practices and evolving market experience


Data Protection & GDPR

The data protection landscape is rapidly changing. As organizations harness the power offered by Digital and personal data, increasingly smart cybercriminals are intent on stealing or compromising that data. Compliance with the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) from May 2018 is thus both a regulatory requirement, a risk management issue and a strategic business imperative.


Avoid the risk of GDPR non-compliance

The EU’s GDPR represents a comprehensive reform of existing data protection laws. It requires a significant change in the way organizations manage personal data in today’s digital operating environment. GDPR encompasses data management and security, including new concepts – transparency and accountability – and a key requirement to notify data breaches. Non-compliance could lead to fines of 4% of an organization’s worldwide turnover or 20 million euro – whichever is higher. Be ready to demonstrate you take appropriate practices to protect personal data.


A consistent GDPR roadmap with operational outcomes

As part of its Global GDPR services, Capgemini proposes advisory and technology solutions which are applicable to existing, legacy and new digital systems to address the key aspects of Data Privacy and Security:

  • Data Protection Assessments and Program Management
  • Data Discovery and Data Minimization / Pseudonymization
  • Data and Database Encryption
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Operation Centers and Data Leak Prevention
  • GDPR Assurance Services


Drawing on global experience across diverse industries

We also work with Data Protection Officers to set out the roles, organization, and IT requirements for protecting data assets (at rest, in motion, in use) and meeting GDPR requirements

With end-to-end data protection capabilities, Capgemini has a deep understanding of the GDPR, its associated business issues, and relevant technology solutions. We help CIO, CISO, DPO, CDO and DMO from all around the world meet GDPR requirements while building digital trust with automated solutions.

Manage your risk and compliance effectively

Enhance your reputation and ensure compliance through real-time monitoring and analysis


The challenge of a complex GRC process

An effective GRC regime is essential in today’s business world, but can be challenging to implement. GRC processes operate in silos at many companies, creating a multiplicity of frameworks and systems.

This can result in:

  • Poor understanding of financial, operational, IT, regulatory, and fraud risks.
  • Ineffective risk minimization.
  • Exposure to fines, penalties and litigation.
  • High GRC costs.
  • Possibility of stakeholder backlash.
  • Weak financial statements.


A GRC framework that shifts overhead cost to value driver

Our GRC solutions combine real-time monitoring, reporting, and analysis to help companies comply with regulations and prepare for unexpected events. GRC focuses on three key services to address specific, high-profile business challenges around risk governance and GRC security. These services are:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • IT Risk & Compliance
  • Continuous Control Monitoring


The benefits of our GRC platform

The tools that make up our GRC offering can form part of a enterprise risk management framework that delivers:

  • Minimize risk by aggressively identifying and addressing potential risk.
  • Strengthen compliance through regular audit and control monitoring activities.
  • Increase profitability by reducing compliance costs and leakage.
  • Enhance reputation by adhering to compliance requirements.


Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, and Threat Simulation - Think like an adversary, be a defender

Understand your environment and validate the effectiveness of your technical controls while enabling your organization to gain real world experience defending your enterprise from current threats and adversaries.

Penetration Testing

Capgemini conducts a full suite of technical testing to validate the effectiveness of controls and determine the integrity or configuration of a network, system, or application. Capgemini is experienced in conducting testing within critical operational environments, heavily regulated industries, and on a wide variety of devices and systems. Our testers will partner with you to understand your needs and objectives, whether they are driven by compliance and regulations or simply a desire to be as secure as possible, and then build the appropriate test scenarios. Through our rigorous adherence to the predefined “Rules of Engagement”, we will ensure there are no impacts to your operations or business. Based on the findings of our assessment and testing, we make recommendations for specific mitigations to reduce risks and prevent incidents in an organization’s business and operational environment.

Red Teaming and Threat Simulation

Well architected networks, effective controls, and secure configurations are all important contributing factors to your cybersecurity posture.  However, without the proper visibility, skillsets, and processes your capabilities are incomplete. Capgemini’s Red Teaming and Threat Simulations will assess how your people, processes, and technology are working together to actively defend your enterprise. These solutions will enable you to better understand your detection, response, and analysis capabilities, and highlight tactical and strategic mitigation opportunities to ensure more effective defense in depth across the entire threat spectrum. Our Capgemini testers will work with you to understand your threat profile, identify areas of concern and interest, and partner with you to establish a series of engagements and interactive scenarios designed to confirm your capabilities are operating as intended and then push your organization to the limit. The result will be educational for both you and your team, providing actionable insights and observations to improve your overall security posture.



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