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05 March 2020: Ideas in Action - Digital for Finance

New technologies are transforming the digital landscape. In the finance world, FinTechs are one key indicator of the trending evolutions. The last report will be commented, also explaining the challenges of building a consistent ecosystem.

Innovations can also mean doing the same things, but with a disruptive technology bringing better ROI and time to market. We will explain by an example why Low-code platforms usage is on the rise.

AI is deeply linked to innovation in common belief. But what are the links with the social evolutions of our world ? How can technology address the deep human needs and shift to Digital Happiness?

In practise, how to use AI? What are the technologies, the different levels of AI? How to implement them to serve our business needs? This expertise sharing session will explore opportunities brought by AI.

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03 & 04 March 2020: Luxembourg Security Summit #1

Sogeti invites you to the first edition of the Luxembourg Security Summit. On that occasion, Sogeti will present 2 conferences in partnership with Capgemini and IDECSI. 

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09 Octobre 2019: Transform your IT Experience with ServiceNow

30-31 Janvier 2019: Workshop - Trusted Smart Statistics: policymaking in the age of the IoT

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