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Interested in how and what kind of Corporate Social Responsibility work we contribute to? Get inspired by the examples below!

PlaNet Finance

Sogeti has worked with Planet Finance since its creation in 1998 and is now a vital support to the organization, providing technological expertise, assistance and critical IT systems support. The Planet Finance Group is an international organisation whose mission is to fight poverty by supporting the development of microfinance. Based in Paris it is active in over 60 countries, with an international network of 38 branches in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

For more information please visit the Planet Finance website.

The Naandi Foundation

The Naandi Foundation is one of the largest and fastest growing social sector organisations in India working to make poverty history. The aims of the partnership between Sogeti and the Naandi Foundation is to support the education of girl children through meaningful financial assistance. A program “The Power of 50- Doing a lot with Less” has been launched in partnership with the foundation. A record number of 1038 Girls have been supported so far by Sogeti and Capgemini employees.


Simondil and Sogeti believes that technology is a means of ending the isolation of ill children. By supporting, an Internet and Extranet site, specially created for children who are very ill or who suffer from a chronic disease we contribute in making this happen. On the sites “Simon and Odil” helps children to break the isolation by providing a funny website, computers, webcams, internet access, and the necessary infrastructure to keep in touch with their class-mates and family. This way, the Internet becomes an ideal way to feel less lonely, to get answers to all kinds of questions, chat with friends, play and so on.

Bongo Development Tourism

In Tanzania, Sogeti is supporting business plans of individuals in Africa through Bongo Development Tourism. The individual submits a business case through the organisation and Sogeti supports among others Mrs Agnes Cleopatra Mpuso’s sweater business, Mr Ezekia Mwamulangale’s hen farm and Imani Siteni Mwakyoma’s fruit and vegetable shop. As a supporter Sogeti gets constant updates and pictures showing the development of each and every individual project. We believe that our support for the individual projects can positively impact on specific person and its family, possibly several generations.

Arbor Day Foundation

Sogeti is participating in two programs with the Arbor Day Foundation, a charity which inspires people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. First, Sogeti will be sponsoring 500 trees to be planted in response to the forest fires in the western states as part of the Foundation’s Reforestation Program. Second, it will support the Foundation’s Rainforest Rescue program by sponsoring 2,300 square meters (25,000 square feet) of rain forest. The Arbor Day Foundation is the world’s oldest and largest tree-planting organization. It began on September 3, 1971 with a mission "to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees" and today counts over one million members. The Foundation is supported by donations, selling trees and merchandise, and by corporate sponsors.

IMS Entreprendre pour la cité

In collaboration with IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité Sogeti encourages and helps companies implement societal practices which create value for the communities in which they operate and contribute to better social equity, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.A two-fold objective: To develop dialogue and partnership between companies and their stakeholders on current issues affecting society as a whole To help companies define and implement their societal policies.


Womentor is a mentor programme for women leaders in the IT and telecom sector created to keep women in the sector, make the sector stronger by using the competence of more women and help women leaders in the IT and telcom sector to develop professional networks. Sogeti Sweden has contributed from the start of this initiative, in 2007, with both adepts and mentors. Every year new goals are set to create a positive impact within each company. This year Sogeti will be one of three host companies at the Womentor reunions adding more participants than ever before – two adepts and three mentors.


winIT is an external network for IT women launched in Sweden and spreading across our locations due to the large interest from women in the IT business. The network focuses on inspiration, knowledge-sharing, networking and interaction. Its goal is to attract more women to the IT sector and make IT women stand out and make themselves more visible both internally and externally, using as many communication channels as possible.

Nos Quartiers ont des Talents

Sogeti is also supporting Nos Quartier ont des Talents, a first network of companies for equal opportunity.

Club XXI siècle

Sogeti believes and supports The club XXI siècle that brings together people from all origins who share the conviction that diversity is a lever for France to respond to the challenges in an ever changing world.

L’Ecole de la deuxième chance

This important school welcomes adults aged 18-25 (or 26-30, beneficiary of RMI, unemployment benefit, in Seine Saint Denis), who have left the school system for at least 2 years and are without a diploma or qualification. The aim for Sogeti and the school is to help those people who are conscious of a low education level and a lack of experience to hope for a stable job, and who decide to go back to school to then go towards a chosen profession.


Sogeti support the organization called MoziakRH that promote the skill of diversity for the benefit of human resources.


An important task for Sogeti is to help disabled people. This is possible through the collaboration with a platform for the recruitment of disabled people.


The aim of this charity organisation is to help empowering some of the poorest people to establish for themselves sustainable livelihoods and improve their health and wellbeing. Sogeti Switzerland is very proud to support this initiative.

Summer of Service

June is the month for the Sogeti US teams to earn extra entries and money for their charities: "IT is our business, giving back is our passion".

Défi H

During the year Sogeti challenges IT students to find IT innovations for disabled people. This successful contest started in 2012 in France and also started in the Netherlands in 2014.

Stichting Opkikker

The foundation Opkikker realizes a relaxing and energizing day for more than 2000 families with a child with serious medical conditions. Sogeti provides volunteers and is taking care of the new website.

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